A Message From Jack Chick About Ecumenism

When this famous tele-evangelist apologized for calling the Catholic Church the "Great Whore" of Scripture, he is ignoring her bloody history, playing right into her hands.

Anglican and RC Officials Agree on Catholic Goddess

For several years, high officials of the Anglican and Roman Catholic churches have been meeting to find ways to get the two back together.

Anglicans May Split Over God's View of Sodomy

Every ten years, the largest "Protestant Denomination" meets to discuss the issues in their "communion." This year, it is time for the 77-million-member Anglican Church to meet again.

Author Proves Jack Chick and Alberto Were Right

In the early 1970s, ex-Jesuit Alberto Rivera began to tell how Rome was working behind the scenes to bring protestants back under the pope's control.

Baptist Leader Sees Christians Losing Focus on Evangelism

Evangelical Christians may be losing their focus on evangelism, according to James Merritt, president of the Southern Baptist Convention and pastor of a large Atlanta-area Church.

Be Careful Who You Pray With

In Pope Benedict`s general audience January 23, his theme was the "necessity" of prayer for Christian unity.

Billy Graham Still Sending Converts Back to the Pope

"After the 1982 New England crusade, thousands of those who went forward for salvation were turned over to Catholic clergy for follow-up."

Bush White House First 'Catholic' Presidency?

How sad that the "born-again" leader of the free world should give a royal welcome to the leader of a religion which holds one billion people in spiritual bondage.

Can Catholics and Protestants Walk Together? A Former Catholic says NO!

A primary reason is the Roman Catholic doctrine which declares all non-Catholics to be hell-bound sinners.

Can Government Promote Charity Without Religion?

While Christians in America are rejoicing in the new shift toward a tone of righteousness in Washington, we must look carefully at the "faith-based initiatives" and "charitable choice" being talked about.

Castro Welcomes Pope, Harasses Home Churches

Pope John Paul II's visit to Cuba was seen by the world as a giant step for "religious freedom" in this last of the closed communist societies. But for bible-believers it was business as usual.

Catholic Paper Praises Billy Graham for Unity Help

Billy Graham is "still preaching that 'old-time religion'," says the headline in the Roman Catholic weekly newspaper, Our Sunday Visitor.

Catholicism and Islam: Two Similar Gospels

Pope Francis admits Islam and Catholicism have a similar goal: conquest. That`s NOT the gospel.

Chapter One: The Wafer-God

From "Smokescreens" by Jack T. Chick - Is there really a difference between the Lord's Supper as celebrated by Christians, and the mass of Roman Catholicism? Jack Chick explains the difference.

Chapter Three: A 20th Century Inquisition

From 'Smokescreens' by Jack T. Chick - The Holocaust was really a 20th century Inquisition in which the Nazis cooperated with the Catholic Church to exterminate the Jews.

Chapter Two: The Hand of Rome

From 'Smokescreens' by Jack T. Chick - History has been covered up to encourage ecumenism. But the Inquisition carried out by the Catholic Church was very real.

Christian Media Pushing Ecumenism

A popular Christian magazine is promoting the idea of cooperating with Rome by focusing only on things that unite us, ignoring the differences as if they do not matter. But error mixed with truth is still error.

Christians One Step Closer to Being Called Sick

Can homophobia and other prejudices be illnesses?

Coming to Your Bible

The Vatican desperately needs the Apocrypha in the Bible to support some of her doctrine. How are modern Bibles increasingly slanted to support Rome's pagan dogmas?

Did the Catholic Church Really Give Us the Bible?

Gail Riplinger answers this question.

Do the Pope and Bible Believers Really Have That Much in Common?

Popular "Alpha Course" teaches a lie of ecumenism.

Do You Know This Organization?

At the heart of Masonry is the unbiblical idea that all religions worship the same god.

Does the Apocrypha Belong in Your Bible?

The Jews rejected it as part of their Scripture (the Old Testament). But the push continues to add it to the KJV.

Episcopalians Refuse Homosexual Lies, Fall Into Pope's Trap

When an openly homosexual was elected to be a bishop, Episcopalians were so incensed that many are now considering union with the Catholic Church.

Europe is in Convulsions

Here is how Western civilization has gotten itself into such a mess, and how to change it.

European Evangelicals Raising Objections to Unity With the Pope

There are still some in the world who know Rome's bloody history and recognize that only her approach, not her doctrine, has changed.

Evangelicals, Pope, Modernists Make New Evangelism Rules

How can you claim unity when you don't even share the same faith?

Five Pillars of Reformation Truth

Every believer should know the foundation issues on which Martin Luthur and the others stood when they rose up to denounce the pope as the antichrist.

Gibson's "Passion" Masterful Ecumenism

Now that Mel Gibson's film, "The Passion of the Christ", has been widely viewed, many varied opinions have emerged.

'Global Transformation' Threatens Soul Winning

Biblical world watchers such as Dave Hunt and Beit Kjos are sounding the alarm on the recent global turmoil.

Graham Agrees with Rome on Salvation of Unreached

In a May 31, 1997 interview with ecumenical TV evangelist Robert Schuller, Billy Graham affirmed his agreement with the Roman Catholic position on salvation of those who have never heard the gospel.

Graham Asks Roman Catholic Diocese to Help with Referrals

Before a September Crusade in New Jersey and an afternoon rally in New York, the Billy Graham organization contacted local Roman Catholic archdioceses to prepare counselors to deal with Catholics who respond to his altar calls.

Humanists, Atheists Demanding More Privileges

Humanism seeks to establish heaven on earth by evolution's natural selection, technology's grand discoveries, psychology's personality enhancements, and the search for cosmic enlightenment.

'Humble' New Pope Making Firm Push for One-World Religion

With his push for 'unity', pope Francis is laying the groundwork for a one-world religion.

Internet Ministries Pressured by Homosexuals

Homosexual activists have persuaded major internet providers to block websites that offer a Christian viewpoint of homosexuality. Even Paypal is refusing to handle donations to some ministries.

Irish President Takes Protestant Communion Stirs Rome's Ire

When the newly-elected President of Ireland, Mary McAleese, dared to receive communion at a non-Catholic church recently, she proved again just how central the Eucharist is to the power and identity of Roman Catholicism.

Is "Evangelical" Catholicism Really Evangelical

"Protestant" turned Catholic claims Catholicism is "evangelical." But which "gospel" do they proclaim?

Is This Hate?

Telling the truth is not hate.

Is This Worship?

In a grotesque effort to sidestep God's hatred for their idolatry, Roman Catholic Theologians prefer a twisted version of the Ten Commandments.

Italian Pentecostals Not Buying Pope's 'Unity'

Where the majority of Italian Evangelicals are objecting to the pope's overtures for unity, few in the U.S. have raised the issue. Do the Italians know something we don't know?

It's All About Ecumenism

The following news items have recently appeared in several sources, chronicling the accelerating advance of ecumenism, the drive to unity needed to establish the end-time, apostate, world church.

It's Not a Conspiracy Theory - It's a Fact!

See how this speaker accurately predicted in 1969, how the Bible would be changed to prepare for a new world religion. His accuracy is eerie!

Jack Chick Speaks About One World Church

Jack Chick speaks about ecumenicism.

Latin American Bishop Declares 'Holy War' on Soul Winners

Evangelical churches in Brazil have been threatened with "holy war" if all soul winning of Catholics does not stop immediately.

Legacy of Pope John Paul II

At the moment, the death of the pope has triggered a global frenzy of praise for John Paul II.

Local Priest Expects Thousands to "Come Home" to Rome During Billy Graham Crusade

"In recent years, [Billy] Graham has made an extraordinary ecumenical effort to send people to the churches where they live out their way of life with Christ rather than trying to bring them into his organization or any particular church."

Lutherans Decided Reformation 'Struggle' Is Over

Rome hasn`t changed. These Protestants have abandoned the Biblical Jesus for ecumenical wine. But God has commands us to come out of this counterfeit 'church.'

Mary Saves?

Already she has been declared by previous popes to have been born without sin (dogma of the Immaculate Conception, 1814) and taken bodily into heaven at her death (dogma of the Assumption, 1950).

Message From Jack Chick January/February 2012

Why are the enemies of Christ winning in the U.S.?

Missionary Pressured to 'Unite as One' with Catholics

Ecumenism pressure is building in many parts of the mission field. This email just came from a ministry in Latin America.

New Bible Version the Most Perverse Yet

A new Bible translation in England is so radical that it would not be worth mentioning if it were not being promoted by high Anglican officials.

New Pope Speaks for Political Salvation

The new Jesuit pope continues his campaign for unity of world religions but now has spoken in favor of the forces driving toward one-world government.

New Pope; Same Old Deception

Pope Francis is continuing to push 'unity,' sacrificing the Bible along the way.

No Place for 'Fundamentalists' in Pope's 'Brave New World'

Who are these 'Fundamentalists' and why is there no tolerance for them by the pope.

'No Salvation Outside Roman Catholicism' Says New Vatican Dictum

The Roman Catholic Church has released a 36-page declaration that she, alone, has a corner on salvation.

One World Bible for One World Religion

Jesuits have been influencing Bible societies and Bible translation projects, succeeding in shifting the Bible text to accommodate Roman Catholic dogma and the push for 'unity'.

Opportunistic Vatican On The Move Again

Pope Francis wants the world's political and religious leaders to join together against climate change. A platform to work toward global political and religious unity.

Persecution Against Christians Rising Worldwide

Is the last haven for religious liberty in jeopardy?

Pope Continues to Discourage Soul Winning

Pope Francis again came out against soul winners in a speech recently. He said anyone who proselytizes is not a disciple of Jesus.

Pope Francis Making a Sharper Left Turn

He has decided that humanism and big government can help him consolidate papal power.

Pope Francis: The White Knight to Save the World?

Recently, the U.S. saw a magnificent spectacle. Millions watched in person —and more millions viewed by TV— as a white-robed figure interrupted the lives and snarled the traffic of the nation`s capital and largest city.

Pope in Australia Pushes Unity of All Religions

During the pope`s visit to Australia, more evidence surfaced that the Vatican has not really changed its pagan system, only its tactics in coaxing the world into its web.

Pope Invites World Religious Leaders to Assisi for Prayer

On January 24 this year, Pope John Paul II again illustrated his position as head of the Mother of Harlots and Abominations by inviting 200 delegates from 12 major world religions to Assisi, Italy to pray together for world peace.

Pope Makes Social Call to Iraq

Pope Francis continues building bridges to Islam with a house visit to Grand Ayatollah Ali al-Sistani of Iraq. To lead a world-dominant religion, he needs connections to Islam.

Pope Reaffirms 'No Salvation' Outside Catholic 'Church'

The Vatican has removed all doubt about what the pope means by unity.

Pope Targets Soul Winners in Recent Trip to the West

"Rome when in minority is as gentle as a lamb, when in equality is as clever as a fox, and when in the majority is as fierce as a tiger."

Pope Using the Pandemic to Beat the Drum for Unity

Many of the powerful in this world are trying to leverage the coronavirus pandemic to their own advantage. Not the least of these is Pope Francis.

Pope Visits U.K., Pitches Return to Mother Church

The Pope advances a British cardinal closer to sainthood in a blatant move to bring Britain into the Catholic fold.

Pope Wants UN to Become 'Moral Center'

Pope John Paul II has used several public speeches and personal meetings this year to push for more UN control of world problems.

Pope Worries About Growth of 'Bible Christians'

Pope John Paul II's most recent encyclical letter again stresses a fundamental difference between Roman Catholicism and Biblical Christianity.

Pope's 'Unity' Push in High Gear

How would one go about establishing 'world peace'? Why, bringing all religions together under one False Prophet, of course.

Popular Televangelist Humbled by Catholic League Forced to Deny Vatican Anti-Semitism

Pastor John Hagee of Cornerstone Church, in San Antonio, Texas, was pressured to state publicly that the prostitute church of Revelation 17 and 18 is not the Roman Catholic church.

Prayer Rally Tainted with Ecumenism

Leaders ignore doctrinal differences to demonstrate evangelical/Catholic unity at huge gathering on anniversary of Pentecostal Azusa Street Revival.

Pressure Building on SBC Leaders Who Signed "No Soulwinning" Pact with Rome

Widespread pressure from Southern Baptist members persuaded two SBC leaders to remove their names from the Evangelicals and Catholics Together document, but stated that their attitude toward the subject remained the same.

Priest Rebuked for Giving Eucharist to Clinton, a non-Catholic

As the ecumenical push continues trying to join all the "denominations" into one big happy family, warning signs keep surfacing.

Pro-life Advocates Apologize for Viewing Catholics as Cult Members

"I have never seen such an instrument for ecumenism as Operation Rescue is," says Catholic priest Patrick Malone, head of St. Mary Catholic Parish just outside Wichita.

Pro-Life Movement Blunts Soulwinning Between Participants

The pro-life movement is key to the future of the ecumenical movement, claims Steven Wood, a Presbyterian pastor who became a Catholic priest.

Promise Keepers Changes Statement of Faith to Please Rome

Few Bible believers are unaware of the Promise Keepers movement which began in the early 1990's and in 1996 attracted 1.1 million men to rallies in 22 major cities of the U.S.

Rome's New Velvet Glove Make-Over

The Vatican has finally figured out how to stop Christians from witnessing to Catholics.

SBC Votes: Civil Rights Don't Include Homosexuals

In their recent national convention, the Southern Baptists voted in favor of a resolution declaring that '...those who are promoting the recognition of 'same-sex marriage' have misappropriated the rhetoric of the Civil Rights Movement.'

Scotland Law to Place All Children Under Government Care

Europe continues to give us an object lesson on where our own culture and government is going. Is home schooling a form of "neglect", enabling the government to seize the children?

Shallow Churches Push Kids Toward Atheism

Youth leaders who are only half-hearted in their beliefs are turning kids away from God.

Smokescreens - Chapter 3 - continued

From 'Smokescreens' by Jack T. Chick - Catholic Croatia's terrible atrocities against the Serbs during World War II were an example of the unleashed rage of the Vatican in our generation.

Sodomite War Stories

The pathway to 'lawful perversion' widens with the recent 'civil union' laws.

Soul Winners Not Welcome in World Religions Organizations

Satan's forces are working on several fronts to unify all the world's false religions and push Bible believers out of the game.

Soulwinners Beware! Evangelical Leaders Compromise the Gospel

As predicted by Alberto Rivera in the mid 70's, well known evangelical leaders have gone public with a call for evangelicals to unite with Catholics to form the great apostate world church.

Texas Bookstore Harassed for Selling Chick Literature

The Word Shoppe in Amarillo, Texas was recently visited by a local Roman Catholic Priest who asked owner Jeanette Green what it would take to get her to stop selling Chick tracts.

The Pope is On a Roll

The Pope's suggested six new 'Beatitudes' to deal with today`s problems are designed to bring us closer to a one world government.

The Pope Wants to Talk to You

Pope Francis wants us all to join together. After all, nearly everyone believes in "something," right?

The Snowball From Hell

As retiring pastors are being replaced by graduates from ecumenical colleges, the ecumenical movement is gaining momentum. The demand: evangelization of Catholics must stop!

Truth Compromised is Still a Lie

When we reach for an agreement with someone who doesn't have the truth, we are only settling for the untruth. Truth + lie = lie.

'United Religions' Idea Floated from Unlikely Source

Former Israeli leader suggests a "UN of religions" headed by the pope (who wants Jerusalem).

'Unity' - Lubricated by Emotion

One of the criticisms of the Charismatic Movement is that they have abandoned truth for emotion. Looking back over their 50 years of history, there is no doubt that emotion has clouded their vision and the pope is continuing to capitalize on this.

Vatican and WCC Want to Cure Soul Winners' 'Obsession'

The Vatican and the World Council of Churches are planning a three-year project together to come up with a "common code for religious conversions."

Vatican Calls For World Government

With a world-wide financial crisis hanging over our heads, the Vatican is calling for 'global public authority.' Here comes the world church!

Vatican Council Says Catholics and Muslims Worship the Same God

This gesture to Muslims was an attempt by an "Ecumenical Pope" to bring further unity of world religions.

Vatican Synod Says Bible Not The Only Word of God

When Bible believers discuss the "Word of God" they assume everyone agrees they are referring to the Bible.

Warning: Disney 'Magic' Toxic to Children

A culture that once supported parents in bringing up youngsters as decent citizens has been converted into a major glamorizer of sin.

What Did Vatican II Really Change. . .? Protestants!

Vatican II reaffirmed all the basic Catholic doctrines that existed before. But Protestants became convinced that Rome had actually changed! It was all public relations. The anathemas (curses) against the Protestants remained unchanged.

What Did Vatican II Really Change...? Protestants!

Many Protestants believe that the Roman Catholic "Church" has undergone immense changes since the great Vatican II Council.

Who Gets The Decision Cards?

Proof that when people respond to the Gospel in a Billy Graham Crusade, they are sent back to the church from which they came, even if it does not preach the Gospel.

Who is the "Whore" of the Book of Revelation?

From "Smokescreens" by Jack T. Chick - The Book of Revelation portrays a "great whore" who has committed fornication with the kings of the earth. She is the Roman Catholic Institution.

Winsome Pope: Vicar of Christ or Anti-Christ?

Christianity Today says pope has come 'From Anti-Christ to Brother in Christ' in a Christianity Today article. So, who is right and what changed?

World Lutheran Federation Takes Major Step Back to Rome

Leaders representing 61 million Lutherans signed a joint declaration with Roman Catholic Cardinal Edward Cassidy agreeing that the Reformation was all a mistake, that the two organizations really do agree on how to get to heaven.