Let's Point Them to Jesus

Witness while you shop!

It only takes a second to hand a tract to the cashier. Very few people will refuse your offer!

Give tracts to:

  • Store salesclerks
  • Shoppers waiting in line
  • Grocery store cashiers
  • Gas station attendants

Leave Chick tracts:

  • In rental cars
  • On gas pumps
  • In store restrooms
  • Under car windshield wipers

Go see the Christmas lights!

Take your family to see Christmas lights and hand out tracts to sightseers. People will be in the perfect mood to receive them.

"Last Christmas season I passed out three hundred tracts and people read the tracts. So, this time as I gave them out I could see people eager to receive them as their eyes were glued to the Chick booklets." D.H.

Give tracts to drive-thru attendants

It only takes a second to give a tract to the drive-thru attendant after they hand you your order. In that one moment, you could help change the eternal destiny of a lost soul.

Add tracts to Christmas service invitations

Many churches hand out flyers in their neighborhoods inviting people to attend Christmas services. By adding a tract to your flyer, you can be sure each household gets a clear gospel presentation in case they don't make it to your church service.

Put tracts in toy boxes or food baskets

Many churches have outreaches to needy families in December. Include tracts with the food/toys you give away. This is a wonderful opportunity to share the gospel while showing them God's love.

Send tracts with Christmas cards

Christmas cards are a wonderful way to share the message of Jesus with friends and loved ones. Add a tract to the envelope to be sure they know how to be saved.

Tracts Great For Christmas

Greatest Story Ever Told

Here is why Jesus really came to earth...from His birth to His glorious resurrection.

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Adapted from the classic story of Ebenezer Scrooge but with a twist, Scrooge gets saved!

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The Present

A king had a present he wanted to freely give those in his kingdom. God has a free gift, too!

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The Light of the World

Presenting Jesus Christ as Creator, Redeemer and King of Kings!