Pope Visits U.K., Pitches Return to Mother Church

The pope's recent visit to the United Kingdom was met with mixed reaction. The wide abuse of adolescent boys by the sodomite priests is still an open wound. Cases are still trudging through the courts. Street protests faulted the pope for his foot-dragging on this issue.

The pope's beatification of John Henry Newman during his visit also rankled with those who remember that he, as a turncoat, led 800 people into Catholicism when he "converted" from protestant to Roman Catholic. (See Did the Catholic Church Give Us The Bible? by David Daniels, pp 115-117 and 147.)

The Vatican has hated Great Britain for over 500 years, ever since the Reformers ripped England from the pope's clutches. In the midst of the Reformation, England produced the King James Bible that broke the yoke of superstition and ignorance that popery had held over Europe for the thousand-year-long "dark ages." That same Reformation spawned the New World which God prospered to fulfill the prophecy that the Gospel would be preached to all nations. (See Matt. 24:14.)

Until the beginning of the 20th century, Britain was a fountainhead of world missionary activity. As God prospered the United States, the gospel also began to flow from it around the world.

But the devil's lies also began to spread. These lies originated in Europe by men who refused the gospel during the Reformation. Determined to avoid any dealings with their Creator, they bought into the lies of evolution, atheism, humanism, socialism, materialism, tolerance for sin, etc. Thus, in the last hundred years, Britain has followed Europe into this spiritual desert.

The pope's visit was bold. He reminded a gathering of 2000 "protestant" (mostly Anglican) churchmen, that he was the "successor to the Apostle Peter," and that unity of the church "...can never be other than a unity in the apostolic faith." In other words, since Jesus made Peter the first pope, (a perversion of Matt. 16:13-19), Benedict, as his successor, is now in charge of the church on the earth, including all those rebellious "separated brethren" (Protestants). And, to accomplish the unity that Jesus prayed for in John 17, everyone must come, bow to the pope and kiss his ring in submission.

Any pope making such outrageous claims a hundred years ago would have been ridden out of London on a rail. Instead, British royalty threw open the doors to Parliament and gave him a bully pulpit in Westminster Abby, seat of the (Protestant) Anglican denomination.

He strode triumphantly over the hallowed spots where hundreds of the Reformation leaders were tied to posts and torched to death by the popes' inquisitors. And the national media made sure the glory of his every move was covered over and over again for the populace.

Vatican leaders know that, if they can woo Britain back to Rome, Europe is theirs. Last year, when the Anglican/Episcopal people were in heated dispute over their new sodomite bishops, the pope rolled out the welcome mat to any of them who wished to "come back to Mother Church," even including married priests. The Vatican is officially against homosexuality, but her priesthood is riddled with sodomite priests.

Having dumped the Bible, Europeans are now at the mercy of Satan's wolves. And the pope is only one of them. See article "Muslims Demand Holland Abandon Free Speech".

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