Missionary Pressured to 'Unite as One' with Catholics

Ecumenism (unity) pressure is building on many parts of the mission field. This email just came from a ministry in Latin America:

In a previous e-mail I`ve promised to tell you about the tract, Last Rites or Extremaunción, we`ve been handing out. Two pastors came to visit us at our ministry`s church and even though they tried to be subtle at first, they ended up asking us to unite with them by putting aside (disregarding) our differences in "doctrines" so that the entire town could see that we are united as "one."

To make a long story short, after laying down some fundamental truths of the Word of God, I told them that the "doctrines" are what separates the true followers of Christ from the Cults. Nevertheless, to end on a friendly note we gave them some Bibles and New Testaments which they were needing.

However, now we are being criticized by all the pastors of the area where we serve the Lord, saying that even though they admit that our teachings are Biblical, this time they cannot agree with us in the handing out of "tracts" that offend "their Catholic friends".

Did you catch that? I couldn`t believe it when I was given the message. Their complaint is specifically about the Chick tract Last Rites or Extremaunción. They told our members to tell my wife and I that we should discontinue the handing out of this tract because it offends many people in the town. I remembered that I had just seen, in early April, the last shameful attempt of the Vatican to unite all religions, when I saw, online, Anglican bishop Tony Palmer  speaking to a conglomerate of Evangelical pastors (headed by Kenneth Copeland) who shamefully welcomed the message of "unity" of Pope Francis and even prayed for and blessed him. Ouch! God have mercy on me...

But what I want to get at, is that I never thought that I would be dealing with this heresy so soon. The repercussions of this heresy are going farther than what we can imagine. Now it`s all over the world.

Therefore, as the Scriptures state, we`re certainly living in the last days of this man-made system, and because of that we must do more each day to reach as many people as we can with the true Gospel of Jesus Christ. And there is no better way to do it than with a tract which presents the gospel of Christ in a pleasant to read, yet biblical manner. Thank God for Chick tracts!

I don`t mean to overwhelm you with my stories, but this is an example of what was written in the front page of April`s Battle Cry.

Note: Missionary`s name and location withheld to minimize retaliation.

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