Biblical Positions on the Issues of Our Time

As soul-winners, we live in an ever-changing world that wants to forget God. At Chick Publications, we try to stay out of politics, because no law or government can change the hearts of wicked men. Yet, there are times that government touches areas that it should not: legislating against the Scriptures. When people sin because the government says it's okay, they still must stand before the God who says it's NOT okay. No one can escape that.

Some of the topics listed below include issues that have been encroached on by governments. Things like religious freedom, homosexual marriage, abortion, things that God clearly says He cares about. The articles in this section will remind you of God's point of view on these issues. It will also give us ideas we can use in witnessing, and prod us to use the world's godless traditions to reach men with God's message of forgiveness and new life.

At the end of time, Satan will use our marvelous technologies to establish tight control over the nations and all men. Billions will take the mark of his chosen one, the Beast, to show they belong to him. Those who refuse to pledge their loyalty will be hunted and marked for destruction. Until then, we must use the time wisely to proclaim the Gospel, to resist Satan's attempts to establish his world control, and to remind men that abortion is murder, and homosexuality is an abomination to God.

Remember, ANYONE can be saved from ANY kind of sin. We just have to introduce them to Jesus.

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With Sodomy Laws Repealed, Will Age-of-Consent Laws Be Next?

  • Homosexuality

CBN's NewsWatch reports that sexual predators who target children have learned a how-to lesson from the homosexual movement on seeking legitimacy.

Would You Consider Abortion in These Three Situations?

  • Abortion

See how your answer could change the course of history.

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