Christian Media Pushing Ecumenism

The pope`s PR mill is working overtime to advance the unity theme. Christianity Today has a recent article using a play-on-words to sell the word "catholic." Just like the media of the world provides cover for unconstitutional government overreach, the Vatican has infiltrated some Christian media and transformed it into a propaganda mill for ecumenism.

The basic word "catholic" without the capital "C" means the universal church. But Rome has mastered the art of subtly morphing the meaning of words to her advantage. In order to bolster her claim to "Mother church," she has included the word, "Catholic," into her official name, laying claim to legitimacy. The whole attempt is to cover and hide her unbiblical, pagan teachings and woo the sleeping Protestants back under her thumb. And by co-opting this word, the RC cult has positioned itself to be "orthodox" (in possession of truth) to the exclusion of all others (heretics).

The thrust of the article is that the gospel is a universal gospel just like the church is universal (catholic). Basically this is true of both the gospel and the church. However, when an organization promotes a gospel that differs from the biblical gospel, it no longer qualifies as a part of the universal church.

So, the devil`s trap is to get us to ignore the essence of the gospel and assume that, just because they claim to promote the gospel, it is the right one. The sales pitch is that we should all get together in our efforts at "evangelization" (the pope`s term).

The article places the ecumenical mantra: "What unites us as Christians must always be valued more highly than the things that distinguish us," in bold, stand-out headings. But by concentrating only on what unites us, we can miss the unbiblical beliefs that distinguish us from the cults. Just "naming the name of Christ," does not mean that we all have the same "Christ." Paul warned about another Jesus, another gospel (See 2 Cor. 11:4 and Gal. 1:6).

Here is the heart of it: The gospel is to trust the biblical Jesus, alone, for salvation, not to trust a "wafer Jesus" who requires the addition of a lot of rituals, sacraments, saints, priests, the Virgin Mary goddess, and Mother "church." Romanism has another gospel because it has another Jesus and requires trust in the church for salvation. Rome`s subtle deception is that they claim to preach the same Jesus as Bible believers. 

We must be sure it is the biblical Jesus we are worshipping and preaching. We must be sure we have the true gospel when we attempt to evangelize. When we join forces with another "church" to share the gospel, we must be sure we both have the same gospel. Otherwise we can be unequally yoked together with unbelievers if their trust, faith, belief is not in the Biblical Jesus Christ.

Christianity Today is promoting the idea of cooperating with others by focusing only on things that unite us, ignoring the differences as if they do not matter.  This may be okay in things like opposing abortion or attacks on our religious freedoms. However, we must draw the line when it comes to cooperating with someone who is promoting another gospel or another Jesus. Cooperating in the things we agree on has become a foot in the door to sell us their false gospel and pagan Jesus.

The Jesuit pope is pushing hard for one world religion but he needs a one world Bible. David W. Daniels` new book, Why They Changed the Bible, clearly shows how the modern versions fit his agenda. Time is late. We need to get busy in the harvest.

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