Smokescreens - Chapter 3 - continued

From Smokescreens ©1983 by Jack T. Chick. Reproduced by permission.

The whore of Revelation showed her fangs, tore her enemies to shreds and cleverly covered up her crimes. All this is documented in many books, including CATHOLIC TERROR TODAY, by Avro Manhattan, the book the following quotes were taken from.

"The non-Catholic population of Catholic Croatia (that's Yugoslavia) were given two basic alternatives: conversion or death. Their church buildings were closed, parish documents destroyed, ecclesiastical buildings burned down, Orthodox worshippers very often were arrested inside their own churches, and kept there or in local halls while awaiting their fate: forced conversion, concentration camps or execution. Their survival, more often than not, depended upon the whim of the Ustachi Commandants and of the Catholic Padres (priests) accompanying them."

Ante Pavelic, the head of the Ustashi State of Croatia, surrounded with Croatian Catholic clergy in April, 1942. He was to Yugoslavia, what Hitler was to Germany.

The bishops and archbishops of Croatia gave full support to the Ustashi. Here, the Croatian bishops and archbishops are seen pictured with Ante Pavelic during one of their frequent conferences with him.

Nuns marching together with Croatian Nazi-legionnaires (Ustashi).

Pavelic among Croatian nuns. They were decorated (see decoration on chest) by Pavelic for their "heroic" Ustashi deeds.

An Ustashi, with a sadistic smile on his face, chopping off a man's head with an ax.

This photograph of Ustashi taken in Bosnia in 1943 before they executed their victim.

"Mass murders were supplemented by the massacre of individuals, mostly in rural districts. The Ustachi very often used the most primitive weapons, such as forks, spades, hammers and saws, to torture their victims prior to their execution. They broke their legs, pulled off their skin and beards, blinded them by cutting their eyes with knives and even tearing them from their sockets." This information is documented by pictures and by the sworn testimony of survivors.

"They did not spare women or children. To quote only one instance: 'In the villages between Vlasenica and Kladani the Nazi occupational troops discovered children who had been impaled upon stakes by the Ustachi, their little members distorted with pain.' Catholic priests advocated the killing of children.

A priest named Ivan Raguz, repeatedly urged the killing of all Serbs, including children so that "not even the seeds of the beasts are left."

A Catholic priest named Juric said, "Today it is no longer a sin to kill a child of seven, should such a child be opposed to our movement of the Ustachi."

The worst atrocities, strange as it may seem, were carried out by members of the intelligentsia. The case of Petar Brzica is undoubtedly one of the most incredible in this category. Petar Brzica had attended the Franciscan College at Siroki, Brijeg, in Herzegovina, was a law student, and a member of the Catholic organization of Crusaders. In the concentration camp at Jasenovac, on the night of August 29,1942, orders were issued for executions. Bets were made as to who could liquidate the largest number of inmates. Petar Brzica cut the throats of 1,360 prisoners with a specially sharp butcher's knife. Having been proclaimed the prize-winner of the competition, he was elected King of the Cut-throats. A gold watch, a silver service and a roasted suckling pig and wine were his rewards."

The Franciscan monk, Miroslav Filipovic, left, as a priest; wearing his cassock, right, in Ustashi uniform. Filipovic was the commandant of the concentration camp at Jasenovac.

Jasenovac concentration camp distinguished itself because of the number of young inmates sent there. In 1942 the camp held over 24,000 Orthodox youngsters. Twelve thousand of them were murdered in cold blood.

Corpses of children starved to death in the concentration camp at Jasenovac.

Ustashi carrying the head of a Serbian Orthodox priest.

At Dubrovinick, Dalmatia, fascist soldiers had photographs of an Ustashi wearing two necklaces. One was a string of cut-out eyes, the other of torn out tongues of murdered Orthodox Serbs.

The atrocities of the Ustachi far surpassed mere physical torture. Their victims were tormented emotionally as well. An example of the unprecedented brutality is recorded by the sworn testimony of several witnesses regarding the following incident.

At Nevesinje, the Ustachi arrested one whole Serbian family consisting of father, mother and four children. The mother and children were separated from the father. For seven days they were tortured by starvation and thirst. Then they brought the mother and children a good-sized roast, and plenty of water to drink. These unfortunates were so hungry that they ate the entire roast. After they finished, the Ustachi told them that they had eaten the flesh of their father.

This happened in our generation, beloved. This is an example of the unleashed rage of the Vatican. I once read that, "Rome when in minority is as gentle as a lamb, when in equality is as clever as a fox, and when in the majority is as fierce as a tiger." I believe that this is an accurate description.

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