Author Proves Jack Chick and Alberto Were Right

In the early 1970s, ex-Jesuit Alberto Rivera began to tell how Rome was working behind the scenes to bring protestants back under the pope's control. At first his claims seemed outrageous. Careful research confirmed that the Vatican was, indeed, behind the ecumenical movement. Jack Chick then published Smokescreens to expose the Catholic plan for America and show how prominent political and Protestant leaders were either deceived or knowingly cooperating with Rome.

Chick Publications took a lot of heat for showing photos of Billy Graham, Rex Humbard, Paul Crouch, Jim Bakker and other political and religious leaders being romanced by popes and priests.

Later, Paul Crouch declared on TBN television that he no longer liked the word "protestant" because he saw no reason to protest anything about Catholicism. This was strong evidence of how deeply the pope's ecumenical movement had penetrated.

Now, a new book has come out detailing the progress of ecumenism since Smokescreens was published.

Dr. Cathy Burns is known for her extremely thorough research into unbiblical movements such as New Age, Masonry, Alcoholics Anonymous.

Now, she has turned her laser focus on modern ecumenism. Her book, Billy Graham and His Friends, shows how the deception of Graham opened the door to a host of other successes by Rome's drive for "unity."

Dr. Burns documents the progress and current advanced state of what Jack Chick saw developing 20 years ago. Using the world-wide list of Graham contacts, she shows how literally hundreds of today's spiritual and political leaders promote or support the move toward a global religion and world government. The book is not vague allegation, but quotes extensively from news sources, biographies, books, speeches, and periodicals, with all sources carefully footnoted.

It includes a 20 page index listing hundreds of names, organizations, churches and corporations. Nearly every person or group of any prominence today is listed. It is an invaluable reference work.

She gives an incredible amount of information on what Jack Chick has been saying all along. To those who want hard evidence on the current quotations of ecumenical leaders, this book has nearly 600 pages of information plus 200 pages of endnotes for documentation.

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