Is This Hate?

When a man bows before an idol of ivory, begging for salvation, and you tell him it cannot answer... is this hate?

When someone's little girl, barely sixteen, must tell her thoughts, her emotions and temptations to an unmarried priest in the confession box, and you tell her she need only confess to Jesus... is this hate?

When a poor, grieving widow pays from her meager substance for Masses for her dead husband, desperately hoping to end his pain in purgatory, and you tell her there is no purgatory... is this hate? When one billion souls, for whom Christ died, trust a well-fed pontiff dressed in gold and fine linen to give them the keys to heaven, and you tell them they need no one but Jesus... is this hate?

When Jesus, God's gift of love to all mankind, pointed his finger at the Pharisees and called them so many snakes... was this hate? When the Apostle Paul stood on Mars Hill, and dared tell the philosophers of pagan mystery religion that they were too superstitious... was this hate?


To free a man from Satan's chains, you must first tell him he is a prisoner. Convince him that he is lost and without hope. And if pained and angered by the conviction of sin, he says your message is one of hatred, then know that his anguish is conviction of sin. Didn't you become upset when told you were a sinner?

There are those who call Chick literature "hate literature."

But they do not know the true meaning of hate.

True hatred hides the Gospel in beautiful words that upset no one, and therefore bring no conviction of sin.

True hatred stands in selfish silence as hell's population grows.

Watch video interview with David Daniels answering the question: 'Are Chick Tracts Hate Literature?'

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