SBC Votes: Civil Rights Don't Include Homosexuals

Significant voices are being raised against the basic lies concocted by homosexual activists. One is that their sinful behavior should be equated with the color of one`s skin. In their recent national convention, the Southern Baptists voted in favor of a resolution declaring that "...those who are promoting the recognition of 'same-sex marriage` have misappropriated the rhetoric of the Civil Rights Movement."
This is especially significant since the Southern Baptist Convention (SBC) voted this year to elect the first black man as president.

So, how did the sodomites succeed in shoehorning their "homosexual rights" into the civil rights movement? By a simple change of one term: from "preference" to "orientation." Up until a few decades ago, homosexuals were viewed as preferring (a choice) same sex behavior. (If you read the right Bible, this is clearly God`s view, also.)

But the demon driving the men pounding on Lot`s door had a better idea. He whispered in someone`s ear that they were "born that way." Immediately, the lie began to spread that homosexuals were born with an "orientation," just like people are "born" with their skin color. 

So if black people have the "civil right" to be free of "discrimination," so should the homosexual. This kicked the door open for all kinds of sinful behavior protected by the full force of the law.

Pastor Dwight McKissic of Cornerstone Baptist Church in Arlington, Texas, put it succinctly: "They are equating their sin with my skin." McKissic is a black man.

Activists have cooked up all kinds of "rights" for homosexuals. Male homosexuals claim that it is their "civil right" to dress as a woman and even try on dresses in the ladies` dressing rooms. Or it is their "right" to use the girl`s bathroom if they choose.
Such rights also include: wedding cakes from Christian bakeries and a double bed in a Christian-run bed and breakfast.

They have succeeded in getting legislation passed guaranteeing their "right" to teach sodomy and oral sex to school children and eliminate all negative material from school curricula. Universities have agreed that it is their "right" to join and even be leaders in Christian campus clubs.

A law proposed in California declares it illegal for a therapist to even talk to a confused teenager about the possibility of converting from his sense of being "gay." (If this passes, it is not clear if a soul winner might even be charged for trying to get a "gay" teen saved.)

It recently became a "right" for open homosexuals in the military. And, of course, there is a huge debate about the "right" to same-sex marriage and all the benefits of health coverage, inheritance, adoption, and parenting of children born by surrogate or unnatural insemination. In their pride, they claim the "right" to lewd parades inviting spectators to view their "unseemly" behavior. (See Romans 1:27.)

Also demanded is a "right" to medical privacy. When the Gay Related Immune Deficiency disease (soon known as AIDS) appeared in the homosexual community in the 1980s, activists immediately demanded it be disassociated from the homosexual practices even though that was how it was primarily spread.

Medical records became sealed, obscuring the truth that the "sex" in this sexually transmitted disease (STD) was primarily homosexual sex. It is good to see that some are speaking up about this dangerous lie. As soul winners, we must boldly witness God`s viewpoint. Chick Publications has produced tracts designed to wake people up to what God calls an "abomination."

Sin City explains God`s forgiveness to those who repent, and His judgment if they don`t.

Uninvited describes how Satan is involved in this deception and how to come out into God`s love.

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