"Adopted" Tract + the Lord = a Baby's Life Saved

This tract was at the right place at the right time, thanks to someone who cared enough to give it out:

“I just had to let you know that the Lord used your Adopted tract today to encourage a young woman to change her mind about ending the life of her baby. I live on Long Island, New York and was standing outside the Planned Parenthood in Smithtown this morning. A group of us were on the sidewalk holding signs exhorting those who were driving in to choose life for their babies.

“Most people have their windows rolled up and pull in quickly so we don’t have an opportunity to give a tract or information from a pregnancy center that can help them. (And we can’t enter the property and follow them into the lot). But one car with a young man and woman pulled in more slowly and had the windows down. I was able to hand the woman the pregnancy center’s flyer plus your tract.

“I pleaded with her to save her baby and told her that if she couldn’t afford to keep it that there were loving couples ready to adopt. Also, how much God loved both her and her baby and wanted to adopt them both into His family. I said, “Please, before you go inside, won’t you read this tract after you park, and pray to God, asking Him what He would have you do?” She said she would and they continued down the driveway.

“About 20 minutes later they came back. She told us she had decided to keep her baby. Praise God!! I truly believe He used the Adopted tract to touch her heart. I encouraged them both to receive Jesus as Lord and Savior and told her that God was so pleased with her today for this joyous decision.

“Thank you for the wonderful work that you at Chick are doing for God’s kingdom, and for the lives of these little ones.”

In Christ’s love,

Kathy B., New York

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