Millennials Poised For Deception

Recently, I was at a dental appointment at a local dental college. The student was a beautiful, smiley, Arab Muslim lady. I wondered if she was aware of the tension in Islam between the radicals and the moderates.

I asked her if she thought the radicals would ever come around to playing nice and join the rest of the world community. She answered that she once had a Christian friend and knew about Christianity. She thought I was trying to convert her again because we had had a conversation about that on a previous visit.

I said that that was not my point, but since the globalists were planning a world of peace and harmony, they were counting on Islam giving up extremism and joining in.

Her response was that she did not know about those things but she believed that all religions had some good in them and we should all respect each other. Time did not permit further discussion, but her answer was most revealing.

Without knowing it, she is perfectly poised to become an ideal world citizen. When the world descends into chaos, and the anti-Christ marches onto the scene to fix it with the promise of Singapore-type peace and harmony, she will sign on.

But if I am around at that point to say to her that she is joining Satan’s kingdom, headed for destruction, and she must convert to Christ’s kingdom, her peace and love fantasy will go out the window and she will have to either commit her life to Christ or join those who would kill me.

This is why the godless secular movement, that is determined to dominate the Western World, cannot say “radical Islam.” They are counting on moderate Islam joining the globalization of a common world religion. Then they will have the power to eliminate all the “radicals”  of every stripe, including those “fundamentalists” who preach that man is a sinner and needs redemption through Christ’s blood.

Also, anyone who does not accept the new one-world bible must, too, be “eliminated.”

They visualize a utopia where everyone will dwell together in a “live-and-let-live” harmony. But anyone who dares preach death to the infidel or hell for the sinner will not be tolerated or allowed to buy food.

Today, with the freedom that we have, we can see the end time shaping up. But our Great Commission has not changed. We must do all we can to reach those who have an ear to hear. For centuries, saturation with gospel tracts has proven an effective method in finding those few among the many.

How would you like to go to bed one night knowing that you had reached every home in your community with the gospel? Chick tracts can help you do it. For large scale projects like that, we can produce tracts more efficiently and offer quantity discounts. Our case lots pricing is one example.

Contact us about your project and we will help every way we can.

When someone reads a Chick tract, they must make a decision: either submit to Jesus or face Him at judgment. If they plead ignorance of the gospel, Jesus will remind them of the day they read the gospel in the Chick tract.

Either way, the soul winner has delivered his soul (Ezekiel 3).

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