About Author Gerald Sutek

Background information about author Gerald Sutek, author of "Street Preachers' Manual" and "I Am Not Ashamed."

Advice of 47 Years

How street preaching builds strong, powerful preachers.

Ethics of Street Preaching

Here is the right way and the wrong way to conduct yourself when street preaching. From "Street Preacher's Manual" by Gerald Sutek.

Event Evangelism Reaches Many People in a Short Time

If we plant the seed, God will give the increase!

Go Where the Lost Are!

A few words from Gerald Sutek, author of "I Am Not Ashamed: Public Ministry Then and Now."

Mechanics of Street Preaching

Preparing for street preaching. Steps to take to insure that your experience is successful. Includes tips about praying, placement, projection, music, and more. - From online book 'Street Preachers' Manual' by Gerald Sutek.

Results of Street Preaching

Salvation proclaimed, souls are saved, and soldiers strengthened as a result of street preaching. - From online book 'Street Preachers' Manual' by Gerald Sutek.

'Seasoned' Soul Winners: We've Got to Pass It On

As this generation of soul winners moves on, it is critical that the next generation is inspired (and trained) in witnessing.

Street to stay out of jail.

Know your rights and boundaries before you go out to street preach. - From "Street Preachers' Manual" by Gerald Sutek.

Biblical Mandate for Street Preaching

The Lord commanded his prophets to publically evangelize. America's current conditions reflect the conditions under which his prophets preached. - From online book 'Street Preachers' Manual' by Gerald Sutek.

Table of Contents - Street Preachers' Manual

From "Street Preachers' Manual" - copyright 1989 by Gerald Sutek.