World Government One Step Closer with International Criminal Court

Delegates from more than 150 nations met in Rome in June to pencil a treaty establishing an International Criminal Court (ICC). They met to find a way to bring to justice the terrorists, rogue world leaders, and anyone else guilty of "crimes against humanity."

The court is independent of the UN. An international prosecutor will have power to indict anyone he deems guilty of atrocities and genocide. Actually, in the beginning it will be only a shadow of the actual vision, without a police force to perform arrests.

But as nations ratify the treaty, they are agreeing to enforce the provisions of the treaty. This is another example of the creeping advance of the one-world government. Since the establishment of the UN, they have used treaties to push the nations toward globalism.

The UN designs international standards and laws on genocide, environmentalism, treatment of women and children, discrimination, food security, biological diversity, etc. Then they ask the individual nations to sign treaties with the UN that they will pass laws to enforce the standards on their people.

For example, the Genocide Convention (standard), requires nations to pass laws against persecution for race, religion or ethnic background. Genocide was so broadly defined that suggesting that someone is a sinner and needs to come to Christ and be forgiven would constitute genocide against his religious beliefs.

The Convention on the Rights of the Child shifts child rearing rights to the government away from the family. The parents could be charged if they tried to control a child's associates, his access to information (including pornography), his choice of religion, etc.

Other conventions place control of water, land development, use of the high seas, mining, etc. under the UN. All this is quietly being put into place against the day when global problems require the dissolving of individual nations in favor of a global government big enough to deal with them.

Globalists look back to the time when the world was governed by tribal chiefs and feudal lords. In time, travel and trade expanded requiring larger government entities to deal with the problems. So, the nations were born by assembling many smaller tribes or fiefdoms. Now, they claim, the international problems (such as terrorism, global warming, pollution, etc.), make nations obsolete. They must give up their individual sovereignty and freedoms and join together to deal with these problems.

These UN treaties will become the "law of the world," just as our constitution is the "law of the land" in the U.S. The globalist dreams of a world where everyone obeys one set of laws, subscribes to one religion (or none at all), works in industries which preserve the resources of the planet for a million future generations, encourages continued evolution of life into higher forms beyond mankind, and works for the immediate arrest and elimination of anyone who disagrees.

Of course, to the Bible believer, this is a page right out of the book of Revelation. When we see these things come to pass, we are to look up for our redemption draweth nigh.

But we must work while it is yet day. The evening shadows are getting longer. We must hurry to find all those who have ears to hear.

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