The Dark Side of 'Gay'

The happy face of media-glorified homosexuality masks a dark side that is seldom talked about. Family Research Institute, a Colorado-based think tank specializes in studies related to family issues. For more than two decades they have researched homosexuality`s health threats and social damage ignored by Big Media or government agencies.

By collecting information from the obituaries in homosexual periodicals, FRI produced evidence that the sexually active homosexual male had an average life expectancy of about 42 years —before the advent of AIDS. Then it dropped to 39. Only 1 percent live past age 65.

Two factors emerged as the cause of this shortening of the life span: rampant spreading of sexually transmitted disease (STD) and violence. But this violence was not what is commonly portrayed: attacks by homophobes on helpless homosexuals. It was primarily within their own kind. FRI reports that the top six U.S. serial killers were all involved in homosexuality. In the past 5 years, 22% of 2,281 male homosexuals reported gay-on-gay physical violence and 5.1% reported gay-on-gay rape. Homosexually partnered adults are 100 times more likely to report domestic violence than heterosexual married adults. (See

Few today remember that, when AIDS was discovered it was called GRID, Gay Related Immune Deficiency. Initially, the HIV virus quickly spread among the highly promiscuous male homosexuals. Inevitably, bisexuals introduced it to promiscuous heterosexuals and it went mainstream. Pressure over the name escalated until Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome (AIDS) became more generally accepted, masking the obvious connection to the "gay" community.

However, this did not change the reality. In August of 2009, LifeSiteNews reported: "An official with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) announced the CDC`s estimate Monday that in the United States, AIDS is fifty times more prevalent among men who have sex with men ('MSM`) than the rest of the population."

It is testimony to the power of the homosexual activist lobby that AIDS patients escaped the normal quarantine procedures used when such a disease surfaces. Instead, the entire medical field began instituting privacy policies that ended up protecting the records of those who wished to hide their infection and thus their sinful lifestyle. In recent years, over 50 STDs have been identified. Both heterosexual and homosexual promiscuity had contributed to this as sexual standards have deteriorated. When the sin of abortion was first legalized and then the sodomy laws removed, the STD epidemic exploded.

Contrary to the modern public image of the loving, committed, homosexual couple raising happy children, FRI found that most of these so-called marriages were "open," meaning that each partner was free to find other hook-ups. It was not uncommon for homosexual males to have up to 500 partners in their lifetime.

America continues to legalize and glorify sin. No wonder our economy is tanking and freak storms are increasing. Righteousness has exalted America, but now, sin has us in reproach (Proverbs 14:34). (See tract Somebody Angry?)

Soul winners, we must do more to get the gospel out. Our culture is rapidly succumbing to the lie that same-sex marriage, etc. is okay. If we speak up against it, some of those on the fence will have the courage to also stand for righteousness. It may be awkward to hand a Sin City or Uninvited tract to someone, but if you leave them lying around, someone will pick them up and be informed of God`s unalterable disgust at this abomination and His love for those sad souls caught in it. For more information, see the Chick paperback, Hot Topics, which covers more on the source of homosexual behavior and how God is judging America for her sin.

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