Globalist Lab Cases Becoming Apparent

In various countries in the world we can see elements of the emerging one world government and one-world religion. Globalists are pointing to Singapore as an example of how government imposed “harmony” will work. Laws are in place against anyone who upsets that harmony by discrimination, hate speech, or preaching about hell. Several years ago the bookstore owner there, who carried Chick tracts, was arrested for their “hate speech” content and he had to be more selective in which titles he sold from then on.

Scotland is testing a “named persons” program where every child in the nation is assigned a person outside the family to look out for the welfare of the child. It might be a social worker or even the child’s school teacher. The child is told that if he is unhappy with his life and does not feel free to discuss it with his parents, he can contact this “named person.” Theoretically, it will prevent situations of abuse.*

The law is being opposed by those who do not trust the government’s definitions of what is best for the child. Would the government side with the parents if the child did not wish to attend a church that preached the need for repentance?

In each case, the government is invading personal privacy, the right to make basic choices based on one’s own beliefs. And it is very hard to find a government in the history of the world that was not either opposed or violently opposed to a Biblical worldview. There is no reason to believe that global socialism will be any different. Yet that is the goal of those, like the Pope, who are pushing for a world government.

Soul winners must lovingly but firmly challenge the rising globalism worldview with the gospel. Nothing in world history has come close to the societies that have enjoyed “harmony” because of permeation by the gospel.

Scotland’s “named persons” program is simply Satan using government to substitute unbelievers for a loving pastor, elders and teachers shepherding the flock of God.

For over 50 years, the gospel tract This Was Your Life has portrayed first, the consequences of sin to a person and a society, and then the possibilities for harmony and goodness by someone who repents and humbly follows the Bible and the Holy Spirit.

In these days of great uncertainty and fear, we must redouble our efforts to spread the vital good news of God’s plan for true harmony and peace.

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