Homosexual Journalist Admits, 'Gay Lifestyle is a Sewer'

The pro-sodomite media would have us believe that all homosexuals are in a wonderful, long-term, committed relationship with only one other person. They are portrayed as just another kind of "family" perfectly capable of raising children and making a valuable contribution to society.

But British broadcast journalist Simon Fanschawe disagrees. Himself a homosexual, he produced a documentary for the BBC called The Trouble With Gay Men. After reviewing some graphic stories of group sexual encounters in a bath house, he asks, "Are we just swimming around in a sewer which we are sort of saying is normal?" His conclusion: "...the gay lifestyle is incompatible with happiness and fidelity in human relations."

This is because that "promiscuity has become the norm...." If promiscuity is the norm, why do we only hear of the "committed relationships" that "deserve" to be recognized with formal and legal "marriage?" It is because the sodomite lobby gained control of  Hollywood and the news media and we are denied the truth. Studies have shown that even the small number of homosexuals who claim to be in a "committed relationship" have their own definition of monogamy.

Homosexual researchers Marshall Kirk and Hunter Madsen found that "the cheating ratio of 'married` gay males, given enough time, approaches 100%...Many gay lovers, bowing to the inevitable, agree to an 'open relationship,` for which there are as many sets of ground rules as there are couples."

In fact, another study concluded that 43 percent of male homosexuals have more than 500 partners in their lifetime. A smaller percentage had over 1000. Thus, the wonderful same-sex "family" image we are fed is largely a myth.

Average life span only 40 years!
Fanshawe`s film included statistics showing the deadly results of the homosexual lifestyle.

In London alone, one of nine homosexual men were HIV positive and new cases had doubled in the last five years. In the same period, syphilis had increased 616 percent.

Other studies found that the average life span of male homosexuals is about 40 years, with only 2 percent living to age 65.

One reason God calls homosexuality an abomination is the promiscuity aspect. This has been proven in the pattern of the spread of AIDS. When the disease first showed up in the homosexual community, the fear was that it would become a world-wide pandemic in the heterosexual community. 25 years later, the World Health Organization (WHO) has declared that "there will be no generalized epidemic of AIDS in the heterosexual population outside Africa."

So, what is so special about Africa? First, they have 33 million infected with HIV and second: promiscuity is at the root of it. Some witch doctors even teach that the cure for aids is to have sex with as many women as possible. Scientists working there are beginning to admit that pushing condoms is not working and they need to change their strategy. It is interesting that the two things they find that work are both biblical: male circumcision and monogamy.

What can we do as soul winners? We need to get out the rest of the facts. The "normal" homosexual is not in a committed, monogamous relationship as Hollywood and the TV sitcoms would have us believe. Even one of their own recognizes that it is a "sewer" of a lifestyle.

One of the chapters in the new book, Hot Topics, deals with the deception of homosexuality and how it`s really about gaining access to the children. Chick tracts Doom Town and Sin City also teach God`s view on the subject.

People who do not know the Bible are being brainwashed by the media lies. If we share this book and plant enough of these tracts, we can open their eyes to the truth.

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