Event Evangelism Reaches Many People in a Short Time

Issue Date: January/February 2008

In any community there are events where a crowd of people gather.  Many churches are alert to these events because they are opportunities to reach a lot of people with the gospel with minimum effort.  They put together street witnessing or outreach teams to attend these events. 

Armed with a good supply of gospel tracts, the team members position themselves at the entrance or exit of the event, seeding the tracts into the crowd. Sometimes they are able to pass through the crowd, handing out tracts in events like parades, community picnics and street fairs.

Here is just one testimony from a Chick customer:

I have distributed over 10,000 Chick tracts.  This past week, while serving as evangelist at a fair, over 1,000 tracts were passed and an additional 250 at the city swimming pool.  Do they work? This past week by reading, seeing and hearing the word of God, 37 people, children, teens and adults, came to receive Christ as Savior.  — B.C. IN

Another kind of event occurs right in your church: Christmas plays and cantatas, special musicals, youth rallies, sunrise services —any service that draws in unbelievers.  All these are essentially outreach programs, an attempt to get the gospel to the unbeliever. 

In addition to the altar call, sending a tract home with each person gives them additional time to think about their spiritual condition.  Chick Publications receives hundreds of testimonies of people who could not get the message of the tract out of their heads, even years later when they finally surrendered their lives to Christ.  

Churches can begin preparing now for Easter.  Few churches or communities are without some kind of program at that time of year.  After all the music, drama and preaching, they need to take something home that will confront them, eyeball-to-eyeball, that they need to be born again.

Some churches get the tracts into the homes by giving a tract to each child participating in the program.  Others include one with each printed program.  The church that uses gospel tracts adds another dimension to its ministry to their people and the community.  After all, isn`t that what the great commission is all about: getting the gospel into the hands of as many people as possible?  If we plant the seed, God will give the increase!

The Chick Tract, The Empty Tomb, has been a favorite for use at Easter time. 

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