Aborted Baby Parts For Sale

Most people are well aware that over a million babies a year are killed in U.S. abortion clinics. What is just coming to light is what happens to some of them after the abortion. Investigators are finding that selling the parts of these babies has become a half-billion dollar industry and growing.

Federal law prohibits the sale of human tissue or body parts, but this industry has found ways to make it a lucrative business. Several companies now operate to deliver to researchers, select body parts "harvested" from fresh fetus "cadavers" warm off the abortion table. In fact, witnesses from inside the industry indicate that some aborted babies need a little help to die so they can be "harvested."

Rather than paying for the parts directly, they pay a "site fee" for space in the abortion clinic where their "technicians" carve up the babies to fill the orders for specific parts.

Instead of a price list for body pieces for sale, they list a "fee schedule" to obtain, prepare and deliver a liver, leg, spleen, ears, eyes, spinal column, or even a complete "specimen." The claim is that this is just the processing costs and no profit is involved. However, one owner of such a company admitted that the "fee" was based on "what you can sell it for."

As horrific as this sounds, some claim that good ultimately comes from using this tissue in research to cure diseases and prevent deformities. But what starts out as an American holocaust only becomes worse.

It turns out that parts from late term babies are more valuable for research. So, the abortionist is tempted to delay the abortion as long as the mother will allow. This, along with more complex procedures to preserve the baby intact, raises the risk to the mother.

Will it be easier to persuade the mother to have an abortion if she is told that she can donate the baby to research?

The questions raised have international implications, also. World wide, there are an estimated 45 million abortions performed each year. In the poorer countries, will the women be tempted to provide body parts on demand to better their standard of living? One company owner claimed to be planning expansion into Mexico where the supply would be less expensive.

Of course, if we are just highly evolved animals as the evolutionists teach, then what difference does it make? But life is a precious gift of the Creator. Only under certain circumstances are we allowed to take it away, as in legal executions. But abortion is not something we are allowed in God's law. Destruction of innocent life is forbidden by scripture and carries severe penalties.

The sin of abortion only leads to more sin, greed and disregard for fellow humans. In Hitler's holocaust, undesirables were considered human waste to be used for slave labor, bizarre research, or disposed of in the cremation ovens. Is the American holocaust any different? Undesired babies are considered waste, their little bodies simply tissue for the "researcher" or disposed of in the incinerator.