Wicca: Seduction of the Innocents

There are many doors to Satan's kingdom. Almost none are accurately labeled: "This way to death and destruction."

Wicca is one of the most deceptive entryways. Rising interest in such "white witchcraft" has spawned hundreds of web sites, dozens of popular books, and covens on most major university campuses.

A new, 250-page witchcraft manual called Teen Witch: Wicca for the New Generation is one of the most popular of recent publications available at your local bookstore.

This cookbook of mystical exercises contains dozens of incantations and spells to be used by the 10- to 17-year-olds. Got a bad bus driver? Cast a spell on him. Want to get ungrounded? Perform this ritual to regain your freedom.

A number of the New Age publishers are joining the growing market with books on ESP, seances, chanting and various other Neo-Pagan subjects.

While these authors claim no connection to Satanism, ex-Wiccan William Schnoebelen says, "Wicca is one of the more seductive deceptions that Satan has come up with." In Schnoebelen's book, "Wicca: Satan's Little White Lie, he describes how he began with "back to nature" rituals in worship to earth and sky. Soon he progressed to spirit guides, goddess worship, and serious spell casting. Wicca, he soon discovered, was simply clever packaging of Satan worship.

Schnoebelen's driving desire was for more knowledge of the mysteries of the spirit realm. But his teachers led him down paths that only ended in deception. He later learned that these were well worn paths. His "New Age" white witchcraft was only age-old devil worship dress up in a space suit.

New Age wisdom was just a modern concoction of Satan's central lies: Man can become a god. To get there he must "evolve" through many reincarnations. Along the path he would be coached by "ascended masters," spirit guides who had already progressed through the cycles of physical life and emerged into the realm of true spirit and higher wisdom.

But he discovered his "ascent" was really a "descent." In his book Schnoebelen details how he moved from dancing nude in the forest to blood sacrifices and sleeping in a coffin.

In a later volume, "Lucifer Dethroned", coauthored by Schnoebelen and his wife Sharon, he describes in great detail the destination of his journey. The seemingly innocent nature worship of Wicca had ultimately led him to roaming the streets as a vampire in search of a victim.

Fortunately, his path crossed that of a lowly bank teller. She was a Christian and began praying for him. Suddenly his finely-tuned occult powers began to fizzle. Shocked, he went in search for this greater power and found the Source of true wisdom — Jesus Christ.

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