Youth Bible Drill Exposes Defective Bibles

In a recent email to Chick Publications, Michael R. has suggested a very enlightening Bible drill to be used in a youth group.

Catholic Paper Praises Billy Graham for Unity Help

Billy Graham is "still preaching that 'old-time religion'," says the headline in the Roman Catholic weekly newspaper, Our Sunday Visitor.

When The Pastor Refers to 'The Greek,' Which Greek is it?

Many people in our congregations are impressed with preachers who refer to the Greek or Hebrew in their sermons.

'Potter Books are Pagan Discipleship' Says Author

Harry Potter, sorcery's modern Pied Piper, is at it again.

Tract Fellowship Sending More Tracts to Missionaries

The Amazing Grace Tract Fellowship continues to expand its tracts-for-missionaries program.

Chick Mail Bag July-2003

"Next thing I knew, half the platoon was standing around my bed begging to read one."

Prison Ministry Letters: July-2003

Arrested for burglary, I knew all ABOUT Jesus, but I never KNEW Him!

Tract Ministry Becomes More Than a 'Rack in the Lobby'

Many churches, if they have tracts at all, will only have a rack or table where people can help themselves.

Tract Passing Tips - July 2003

Small shops and restaurants, real estate magazines, bulletin boards

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