A Quick Comparison of Bible Versions

A small sampling of verse comparisons between the KJV and NIV.

Benefits of Trusting the KJV

Look what changes when you trust the KJV - your 'attitude' and your 'confidence.'

Bible Bait-and-Switch

Don't let Modern Bible publishers fool you with their con game.

Bible Versions: What Difference Does it Make?

Are there good reasons why we should be concerned about the proliferation of Bible versions, or is it "much ado about nothing?"

'But Dad, Which One is God's Word?'

What happens when a pastor reads the Bible, but a child finds his own Bible says something different? The result does not build faith.

Can I read the NIV and still be saved?

I know no person who gauges Christianity (salvation, I mean) by which Bible he reads.

Can Using 15 Bibles Give Us God's Words?

15 Bibles? You're going to have "interpretations" - people's private commentaries - not "translations."

Changing God's Words — What's New About That?

The new NIV Bible translation, the TNIV, has finally gotten Bible scholars' attention to God's words.

Christian Music Star Deceived by Bible Confusion

"Coming out" as a lesbian, she says she is not really convinced that the Bible speaks against homosexuality because not all Bibles do so clearly.

Classic Chance to Update the Bible

Ezra was presented with the perfect opportunity to update the Bible. Rather, he did what every faithful pastor should be doing.

Conversation in a 'Bible' Bookstore

Is your bible the perfect word of God?

Did Hort and Westcott do what they were hired to do? Or was there another agenda?

Video transcript - They were hired to make a mininal revision, but ended up replacing the entire New Testament text.

Did Jesus Give Up Being God?

Modern Bibles remove four important words that clarify an entire doctrine about Jesus being God and man. See for yourself.

Did Jesus Have A Beginning? What Does Your Bible Say?

Examples of verses that should show Jesus divinity, but have been watered down in modern Bibles. Does your Bible change the great prophecies of Jesus, only to use wording that suggests he had a beginning and is not eternal? If so, buy a new one.

Did Jesus lie to His own brothers?

Video transcript - By removing a single word, many Bibles record Jesus as lying to his brothers. How can He then be the perfect sacrifice for sin?

Did the Catholic Church Really Give Us the Bible?

Gail Riplinger answers this question.

Do you have to believe before you are baptized?

Be careful! Your Bible may not say so, opening the door to infant baptism. What does your Bible say?

Does My Bible Say That?

Did you know there are really only two Bibles? There are hundreds of versions, but only two Bibles.

Does Your Bible Have 'Fairytale Markers?"

Little-known true story from Wycliffe translators points out a danger in many modern Bibles.

Does Your Bible Teach You to Worship New Age Gods?

Riplinger points out that the new versions remove Jesus Christ because, "The religions of the world believe that ‘god' created all things but not by Jesus Christ."

Dr. Frank Logsdon, Bible translation leader says, 'I'm in trouble with the Lord."

Dr. Frank Logsdon, who wrote the preface for the New American Standard Version, repudiates his work on the NASB.

Four Words That Open the Doorway to Satanism

And they are found in a commonly used Bible!

Homosexuals Want to Change the Subject

The subject keeps changing: first that homosexuality was acceptable, then gay marriage, then transgender body mutilation. It didn’t stop there. Now they are changing the Bible!

How Do I Show Those Who Refuse To Hear King James Only Arguments?

The key is to show them how the broad evidence of history tells us which Greek text is correct. It then becomes easy to know which Bible we can trust.

How Do You 'Add' to God's Words?

It starts with taking some of God's words "out." Then you add some of man's words "in." See how it can change a basic doctrine.

How Do You Know They Are Real?

In Washington, DC, the Museum of the Bible has a display containing fragments of what was labeled the Dead Sea Scrolls. Some scholars have questioned the history (provenance) of the fragments. Now, other "ancient Bibles" without provenance are being questioned, like ...Sinaiticus.

How The New King James Bible Creates Doubt

When you begin to disciple a new Christian, don't you always tell him that the Bible is God's word and he can trust it above all else? Of course you do.

How to Speed-Test a New Bible Version

David Daniels takes you through a simple test to check if your Bible is missing anything. Warning: the facts may be shocking!

How to Test a New Bible —Before You Buy

What you should know when shopping for a new Bible.

If A Bible Has the Fundamentals, Can It Be Bad?

Many modern Bibles still contain the "fundamentals" but in a weaker state. How many times can you weaken a doctrine before you hurt faith? From 'The Answer Book' copyright 1989 by Samuel Gipp

If Jesus Lied, Can He be God?

By leaving out one little word, translators of many Bibles turn one of Jesus` statements into a lie. What difference a little word makes!

If You Can't Destroy the People of the Book, What's Next?

When Satan failed to wipe out the Christiains, he attacked the Bible using one simple lie. It's working.

If you were the devil, what would you do?

Video transcript - Don't you think the Devil would want to change (or currupt) God's Words?

Is "God was manifest in the flesh" correct?

Removing one little line in Greek takes away from the divinity of Christ.

Is 'Hell' Missing from Your Bible?

Why do so many modern Bibles remove hell? Does it make the translators "uncomfortable?"

Is It Hard To Be Saved?

Just look at the differences between the KJV and the NIV.

Is it true no doctrines are changed in modern versions?

Video transcript - How a one-verse change led to the creation of a modern cult with thousands of followers world-wide.

Is Jesus "God's Son" or "God's Servant?"

Do you see a difference between these two Bible versions?

Is the King James Bible All Wrong About Death and Hell?

Are the accusers right that it is translated wrong? Or is this just one more lie Satan has cooked up about the KJV?

Is the Lamsa Bible Trustworthy Like the King James Bible?

The Lamsa Bible is not Christian at all. It is Lamsa's own blend of occultic ideas made to look a lot like the King James Bible.

Is the Lord's Prayer in Your Bible?

A century after Christ there was a man named Marcion. He pretended to be a Christian, but his beliefs did not match the Bible.

Is the New International Version Trustworthy?

The ads claim the NIV is the best translation available. But can I really trust this Bible?

Is there a recommended edition of theTextus Receptus?

Recommendations from David W. Daniels if you are looking for an interlinear Bible text.

Isn't the New Scofield Bible a King James Bible'?

Publishers have changed the notes in the Scofield Bible until it no longer should carry his name. It carries notes he NEVER wrote

It's Like Daring God

The common practice of changing God's words is like daring God to deliver on his promise of curses for those who do.

It's Not a Conspiracy Theory - It's a Fact!

See how this speaker accurately predicted in 1969, how the Bible would be changed to prepare for a new world religion. His accuracy is eerie!

Jesus ... is He God's Son or God's servant?

Some Bibles (including the Jehovah's Witness Bible) say he is one, some say the other. These are not the same! Which is right?

Jesus: Creator or Middle Man?

Can one tiny word lower the position of Jesus Christ?

Look What They Did to These Verses!

When examined individually, small changes in modern Bibles may appear small and possibly insignificant. However, the total effect can be seen as working against God’s character, His reputation, and His divinity.

Look What's Missing - Even in Revelation

Would you rather your friends read a Bible that God has clearly blessed, or one He has clearly cursed?

Modern Preachers Confused about Hell; Jesus Still Says It's Hot

Recent polls show that, although 71 percent of adults nationwide believe in hell, they don't want to hear about it.

Multiple Choice Bible?

Does your Bible study play multiple "choice?"

New Bible Says Jesus Is...Who?

What if you could buy a Bible with your own church`s doctrines written between its pages? The helps in study Bibles often contain a doctrinal slant.

New Bible Version the Most Perverse Yet

A new Bible translation in England is so radical that it would not be worth mentioning if it were not being promoted by high Anglican officials.

New Bible Versions Promote Catholic Doctrine

Small changes in the wording of the Scriptures can often result in major changes in meaning.

New Bibles Attempt to Dethrone Jesus

Satan keeps chipping away at God’s words. His goal is a watered-down Bible that offers no defense against the coming one-world religion.

NIV Gets Sex Change

The new version, called "Today's NIV" or TNIV for short, is supposedly a "gender-accurate" version of the NIV Bible.

NIV Interdenominational Masterpiece - Even For Jehovah's Witnesses

"But does it all really matter," one might ask, "if I can support what I believe with the NIV?"

NIV Subtly Diminishes Character and Ministry of Jesus

"We, today, are living at a time when the attacks upon Jesus Christ find no equal in history..."

One Greek Letter Can Change the Gospel

Can just one Greek letter change the gospel from God-centered to man-centered? You are about to find out.

Publishers Must Make New Bibles Harder To Read or Give Up Copyright Dollars

Modern Bibles must change the text to qualify for copyright.

Publishers Must Make New Bibles Harder to Read or Give Up Copyright Dollars

Gail Riplinger's new book, "Which Bible Is God's Word?" contains answers to common questions concerning modern versions and translations.

Questions for Your Pastor (and Other Deceived Friends)

If your church believes only the "original autographs" were inspired, then they are recommending a Bible that you cannot buy, or hold in your hand. It doesn`t exist today.

RVG 2010 - New Translation or Revision?

Author Emanuel Rodriguez explains in his new book, 'God's Bible in Spanish,' that the RVG 2010 is simply a revision of the beloved Reina-Valera used by God for over 400 years.

Satan's Plan For Doubt

Satan tried to stamp out the Bible and failed. So he developed a new plan . . . fix it! Here is how it works.

Saved or "Being Saved?"

Modern Bibles have downplayed the awfulness of sin. The result... many churches are teaching that conversion is a process rather than an event.

Shallow Churches Push Kids Toward Atheism

Youth leaders who are only half-hearted in their beliefs are turning kids away from God.

Should We Make An Issue of Bible Translations?

Look at this list of doctrines we must be willing to compromise if we don't care which Bible we read. From 'The Answer Book' by Samuel Gipp.

Sinaiticus part 3: Which Part Is Scripture?

The Sinaitucus has several writers and correctors, apocryphal writings, and contradictions. How do you decide which parts to accept as Scripture, and which parts to reject?

Try Answering These From Your NIV

Fill in the blank!

Try Answering These Questions From Your NIV

Many sincere Christians carry this Bible without realizing what's missing!

Were Italicized Words in the KJV Added By The Translators?

Should italicized words in the King James Bible be removed because they were not in the original text?

What a Difference a Single Word Makes!

Every day, millions of precious people, hungry for God`s forgiveness of their sins, line up to confess their thoughts and failings to a priest.

What's missing from the New American Bible or Douay?

See some of what has been added or removed from these Catholic Bibles.

What's Right with KJV-Onlyism?

If God wrote only one Book, what's the problem with trusting and submitting to that one Book?

What's Wrong With the New King James?

Doesn't it just modernize the words of the King James Bible? Why should I read the King James and not the helpful New King James?

When Do the Scriptures Lie? When They are Changed!

Proverbs 30:5-6 declares: "Every word of God is pure… Add thou not unto his words, lest he reprove thee, and thou be found a liar." That includes adding or subtracting. (See Revelation 22:18-19.)

Where Can We Find the True Words of God?

The Battle Cry Editor recently sat down with David W. Daniels, author of several books on the Bible version issue. Here is the interview...

Who Needs Hell?

"Hell" is an uncomfortable word. Everybody knows what it means.

Who Was Jesus' Father?

The fact that Joseph was not the father of Jesus, is a central belief of all who base their faith on the Bible.

Why Do Many Bible Versions Omit Mark 16:9-20

Why is it that most bible versions (non-KJV) either omit Mark 16:9-20 or they have footnotes about alternative endings?

Why I Don't Trust the New King James

Author gives three examples of why he will stay with his tried-and-true King James Bible.

Why People Have Stopped Memorizing Scripture

Scripture memorization is a lost art.

Youth Bible Drill Exposes Defective Bibles

In a recent email to Chick Publications, Michael R. has suggested a very enlightening Bible drill to be used in a youth group.