Youth Bible Drill Exposes Defective Bibles

In a recent email to Chick Publications, a reader suggested a very enlightening Bible drill where the leader reads a Scripture reference and the kids scramble to see who can find it first and read it aloud. The winner usually gets a prize such as a candy bar. It's a good drill to develop the kid's knowledge of their Bibles.

The drill is especially enlightening if the leaders uses the following list of scriptures. None of these verses are in the NIV, so no one with an NIV Bible will get a candy bar. The leader could tell the group: "Those of you with King James Version Bibles had no trouble finding these verses. Those who had other versions, especially the NIV, got no candy because these verses are left out of their Bibles, and moved into the notes, where the average reader will conclude that they don't belong in the Bible. What else besides candy do you suppose NIV readers miss out on that the KJV readers gain?"

Here is the list of verses missing from the NIV.

  • Matthew 17:21
  • Matthew 18:11
  • Matthew 23:14
  • Mark 7:16
  • Mark 9:44
  • Mark 9:46
  • Mark 11:26
  • Mark 15:28
  • Luke 17:36
  • Luke 23:17
  • John 5:4
  • Acts 8:37
  • Acts 15:34
  • Acts 24:7
  • Acts 28:29
  • Romans 16:24

For more information on verse ommission and changes made to the NIV, see If the Foundations be Destroyed, by Chick Salliby

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