A Message From Jack Chick About Alberto Rivera

Jack Chick discusses the Christianity Today attack on Alberto Rivera.

Catholic Paper Praises Billy Graham for Unity Help

Billy Graham is "still preaching that 'old-time religion'," says the headline in the Roman Catholic weekly newspaper, Our Sunday Visitor.

Graham Agrees with Rome on Salvation of Unreached

In a May 31, 1997 interview with ecumenical TV evangelist Robert Schuller, Billy Graham affirmed his agreement with the Roman Catholic position on salvation of those who have never heard the gospel.

Graham Asks Roman Catholic Diocese to Help with Referrals

Before a September Crusade in New Jersey and an afternoon rally in New York, the Billy Graham organization contacted local Roman Catholic archdioceses to prepare counselors to deal with Catholics who respond to his altar calls.

Local Priest Expects Thousands to "Come Home" to Rome During Billy Graham Crusade

"In recent years, [Billy] Graham has made an extraordinary ecumenical effort to send people to the churches where they live out their way of life with Christ rather than trying to bring them into his organization or any particular church."

Who Gets The Decision Cards?

Proof that when people respond to the Gospel in a Billy Graham Crusade, they are sent back to the church from which they came, even if it does not preach the Gospel.