Universities Becoming Battlefield for Christians

As home schooled students move on to higher education they soon learn they must confront a hostile world.

Little Tract Resonates With 'Big Navy Guy'

When we wonder if leaving a tract somewhere really does any good, Pastor Jack Hilliard of Grace Baptist Church in Fallbrook, California is a living answer.

Dept. of Education Clarifies Free Speech Rights of Students

Education Secretary Rod Paige has recently issued new guidance documents detailing religious freedom in the public schools.

Is Allah the God of the Bible? Love Says 'No'

In the middle of the confusion of the war on terrorism is the question of the nature of the religion of Islam.

Chick Mail Bag May 2003

Satan stole my joy in Christ and lief to me about the "Great Architect of the Universe." After reading "Good Ol' Boys" I see I have really blown it!

Multiple Choice Bible?

Does your Bible study play multiple "choice?"

Prison Ministry Letters: May-2003

Great for men who won't read anything else.

Roman Church Still Claims Supreme Authority Over the World

Someone said that the conflict in Iraq is not a war but only a skirmish in a larger war.

USPS Regulations on Tracts to Soldiers

The US Postal Service has issued a clarification of regulations for mail and parcels sent to military personnel stationed in Muslim countries.

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