Bible Bait-and-Switch

How do you feel when you order something on the internet and when you get it, it is a cheap knock-off? You`ve just been had by the old bait-and-switch con game. Would you believe that the modern Bible that you are carrying is a cheap knock-off? How do you know? Just look at all the verses that have been taken out.

For example: Acts 8:37. When this is omitted, it greatly weakens any effort to prove that infant baptism is unbiblical. Or Mark 16:9-20, which gives the clearest wording of the Great Commission and most complete test for a believer, yet is missing in some versions (watch this video to see why). Author David W. Daniels identified over 250 omissions in 41 of the most popular new versions, which he detailed in his book, Look What`s Missing.

How about all the verses that have been changed to reflect unbiblical doctrine? For example: 1 Corinthians 1:18 is changed to progressive salvation, "but to us who are being saved it is the power of God" (ESV). But the KJV is clear that we are safely saved: "but unto us which are saved it is the power of God." Another version, the ASV, appears to forbid all anger in Matt. 5:22: "everyone who is angry with his brother shall be in danger of the judgment." But the KJV gets it right: "...whosever is angry with his brother without a cause shall be in danger..."

If all anger was wrong, then Jesus would have been a sinner when he cleaned out the "den of thieves" in the temple or was angry with the Pharisees who wanted to prevent the healing of a man on the Sabbath. Modern Bibles also make Jesus appear less than perfect when He told his brothers that He wasn`t going to Jerusalem and then went anyway in John 7:8. (NIV) But the KJV includes the word "yet" which makes it an honest statement.

How is it that we tolerate such gross errors in the modern versions, yet refuse to learn a few hundred less familiar words so we can understand a Bible that has set the standard for doctrinal purity for hundreds of years?

Using modern research technology, Daniels has uncovered a diabolical plot to bait-and-switch the Greek manuscripts that the modern bibles come from. Details can be found in Daniels` vlogs on YouTube and in his other books on Bible versions.

Nobody is asking: "Where is the Devil in all this?" Do we really believe that he gave up after spending a thousand years torching believers and their Bibles? It took about 50 years after the bait and switch for the momentum to build to where Satan could mount an effective PR campaign against the reputation of the King James. That momentum also included replacement Bibles supplied by a blossoming Christian publishing industry in the 20th century. The Bible Societies were in charge of preparing the new "translations" that were licensed to publishers. This has resulted in a flea market of bibles with the slogan: "Have it your way!"

Let`s look at the fruit: Is the church stronger? Are the believers in modern Bibles more zealous in witnessing? Is respect for the Book increasing? Absolutely not! The only thing that is increasing is doubt! With every Bible reading differently, no standard of truth exists. God said His words are "pure words..." tried in the fire.

Where are they?

Anyone serious to know for sure what God said ends up with the Classic English version authorized by King James and tested by 400 years of success in inspiring missionaries to the ends of the earth; one that countless preachers used to bring revival after revival —world wide. One that provides THE standard against which all other versions can be judged.

We can either learn a few hundred less familiar words and know exactly what God wanted us to know, or continue searching for the Bread of Life on a confusing menu of omissions and contradictions.

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