Is "God was manifest in the flesh" correct?

Question: Which is correct in 1 Timothy 3:16, "God was manifest in the flesh" (KJV) or "He appeared in a body" (NIV)?

Answer: Without a doubt, the Scripture says, "God was manifest in the flesh." The vast testimony of history shows us clearly that the word in question is "God," not "he" or "who." But the Alexandrian lie ended up even in the Roman Catholic Vulgate and all modern perversions. Here's how easy it was.

In Greek, the word for God was abbreviated, like this:

But the word "who" (which the NIV called "he") was written like this:

The difference between "God" and "who" in Greek was a little line. The amazing thing is, by the Alexandrians removing a line from one letter, they took away the deity of Christ!

The overwhelming testimony of history is that God preserved His words. In thousands of manuscripts, God preserved these words, "God was manifest in the flesh." Though the Roman Catholic religion preserved the perversion of the Alexandrians, and every Alexandrian translation tries to hide it, it is still true: God was manifest in the flesh.

And you will always find truths like this, when you read the King James Bible.

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