Benefits of Trusting the KJV

By David W. Daniels

One of the benefits of trusting the King James Bible: it changes your attitude. When the Bible story is challenged, instead of succumbing to whatever newest attack is waged against it, the Bible believer then delves more deeply into the exact words of the scripture, believing that the answer is found in the text when understood clearly —not in abandoning the text for someone's new theory.

It changes your confidence. God said in Psalm 118:8-9: "It is better to trust in the LORD than to put confidence in man. It is better to trust in the LORD than to put confidence in princes." Our confidence is in the Lord and in His words. That means we can stand up to any man, woman or child, or even the Devil himself, when he whispers lies against those words.

Why do a lot of people not witness to others? They don't have confidence in what they are saying. Look around: people who are confident in their favorite team spout it all around to all who will hear. But that confidence is lacking when it comes to what are God's words, and whether we can trust them. So, rather than call others to an uncertain faith, they just keep silent while their friends, neighbors, even enemies, tumble on toward a Christless eternity.

"But aren't you worshipping the Bible by believing its words?" It depends upon what you mean by that.

I believe the constitution and the penal code, and I don't worship them. But the Bible claims to be God's exact words! We will be judged by God in heaven if we add to them or take away from them. How can we believe in the penal code more than the holy words of the living God?

And "worshipping" has an old meaning, of "ascribing worth to" something or someone. In that sense, the Bible is worth more than all the other books on earth combined! It alone contains all we need to know to get to heaven, have our sins forgiven, learn about who God is, and about how He wants us to behave to have the best life we can in preparation for eternity with Him. If that's the sense that someone means, then I'm guilty. I recognize the eternal worth of this holy Book.

Man is designed to trust something or someone. Idol worshipers have been persuaded to trust an unreliable source. It may be a pagan statue, a Virgin Mary goddess, a wheat wafer, or the pope. Or it may be a political party or money. Satan has unlimited options for anyone who gives up trusting in a real Creator and His promise to preserve His Handbook for mankind.

One of the subtle deceptions today is trusting the "scholars." Question a pastor on the logic of Bible versions and he will usually say, "But I trust the scholars." Even when you show that Acts 8:37 is missing from his preferred version, "trusting the scholars" is supposed to explain the discrepancy.

But it doesn't. A scholar is only as trustworthy as his sources of information and his personal agenda. When we examine the sources and the agendas, only one Bible comes up reliable.

Modern research methods have proven that the source manuscripts behind the modern bibles are corrupted and faked. They have also proven that the agenda of their scholars is highly questionable.

Whereas the thousands of manuscripts supporting the KJV are coherent over the centuries, and the motives of the translators are unquestionable.

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