Is the Virus God's Judgment?

Many people are asking if the coronavirus is going to be an event that will reshape the world. It is intriguing that the virus has targeted much of the sinful foolishness in our culture.

Is “Home Alone” Hate?

In Bristol, United Kingdom, Isabel became quite upset after reading Jack Chick's tract, 'Home Alone?', that had the nerve to say people could be introduced to the homosexual world by child abuse. She has since contacted the Bristol City Council who is investigating who distributed the tract.

Missions Fund Report: September 2020

In our September 2020 update, you'll see some new photos from tract distribution in the Philippines. We also provide updates for new projects in other countries.

Revolutions Rarely Benefit Christians

There is much talk today about revolution. Few revolutions bode well for Christians. It is becoming increasingly obvious that today’s controversy is far deeper than just the superficial political parties. Leaders are making no effort to hide the influence of godless Marxism.

With Schools Closed, Satan’s Attack is Closer to Home

Satan never sleeps, particularly in his campaign to destroy children. With schools closed and children confined to home, his attack is now focused there. Read some of the recent headlines that tell the story.

New Danish Bible Illustrates Fallacy of Modern Bibles

A new Danish Bible has been attacked for removing the word 'Israel' from many verses. This is a classic example of people posing as translators, who introduce their own interpretation into the scripture.

A Message from David Daniels

I have had my first interviews from what could be hostile reporters. Both were from people who showed no signs of being Christian. What an opportunity!