Revolutions Rarely Benefit Christians

There is much talk today about revolution. Few revolutions bode well for Christians. Historically, a few may have been beneficial such as the American Revolution that established the United States against British tyranny.

It is becoming increasingly obvious that today’s controversy is far deeper than just the superficial political parties. Leaders are making no effort to hide the influence of godless Marxism. The foundation has been laid for quite a few decades with the broad teaching of evolution that discredits the Bible and the Creator.

Since God is no longer in the equation, man is alone in the universe to chart his own course toward utopia. But this leaves man to simply “do that which [is] right in his own eyes” leading to chaos and everyone competing for leadership and government power.

Marxists know that the chaos must get bad enough for the general public to accept the domination of a government oppressive enough to quell the chaos. The standard model in the takeover of countries by Marxist regimes has been to pit the supposed “oppressed” against imagined or real “oppressors”.

This is where the church gets caught in the crossfire. Satan’s counterfeit church, headquartered in the Vatican, has a long bloody history of oppression. They have done it under the false banner of Christianity and so it is easy for the Marxist agitators to paint even the true Bible-believing Christians with the same brush.

Christians are increasingly labeled as the oppressors for declaring God’s perspective against poor sinners involved in sodomy, pride, corruption, adultery, etc. Through the non-discrimination laws, legal standing is given to these sins that are highly destructive to the culture.

Non-discrimination laws are designed to shut down debate and any effort to preach the gospel. Marxist countries such as China, Cuba, Russia, and Venezuela are prime examples of how effective (and destructive) this strategy is.

So far America and much of the Western World have been protected by freedoms guaranteed by constitutions installed by founders who foresaw the danger. But Marxism ignores these constitutions and has been rapidly gaining ground here in our increasingly godless culture.

Nowhere is this more apparent than in Europe. One of our basic constitutional guarantees has been the freedom of speech. In Marxist countries where this is prohibited, preaching of the gospel can be very dangerous.

Christians in Scotland are currently raising the alarm over a bill that has been proposed. It is called the Hate Crime and Public Order Bill. Prosecution of hate crimes has customarily been confined to actual acts of physical aggression. This bill proposes to prosecute anyone on a charge of simply “stirring up hatred.”

When you consider the Marxist strategy of highlighting the oppressed, anyone who is offended by speech can call down the authorities. That is the reason that, in the universities, the term microaggression has been invented. Students are taught that any attitude toward them that makes them uncomfortable can be labeled as aggression, and outlawed.

Bold preachers in England are under increasing pressure from the government when someone complains of being offended by their Biblical message. In America, flower shops and cake bakers have been charged and fined when they refused to contribute their talents to ceremonies that violate their Christian consciences. Pastors in Canada, who reference certain scriptures in their messages, run the risk of violating the law.

Unless the Lord intervenes and America bows in repentance and forsakes our sin, the rioters in our streets could very easily turn their attention to the Bible-believing churches and all efforts to get the gospel out, such as tract distribution.

Soul winners, we really need to get the gospel out while we still have time.

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