Is “Home Alone” Hate?

By: David W. Daniels

Brothers and Sisters in Christ:

Isabel was aghast.

Someone had put a small leaflet through the slot in her door. At first, it had seemed innocuous enough. It had a drawing of a very young boy in a corner, with the title, Home Alone?

What could they be selling? The concept was not new to Isabel. As a graduate of the University of the Arts London, she had experience making photo essays on loneliness and isolation in a London apartment. And as a public relations executive and a well-known socialite on the Bristol scene, she mixed with many other advertisers and promoters of their brands.

But what was this leaflet promoting?

Isabel began to read about a minor boy named Charlie who needed a replacement sitter after a family emergency. His coach, Brad, was loved by everybody and amazingly said “Yes” to pinch-hit for Charlie’s family.

Isabel continued reading how Coach Brad began slowly to question the boy’s beliefs. Soon he was saying that being gay was good, and people were born that way, just like he, himself.

Oh, so it was promoting gay pride! That was certainly non-controversial. All the media agreed with that. The lingerie company she worked at proudly promoted pride along with most other Bristol businesses, while she encouraged women’s empowerment.

But the shock came when Isabel read: “Whoa! — Not true, Charlie!”

Page 6 from Jack T Chick's tract, "Home Alone?"

Far from promoting alternate lifestyles, this leaflet had the nerve to say that people could be introduced to the homosexual world by abuse. Then it violated social norms, saying that later that night Brad was “making his move” on Charlie, and that this was bad!

The nerve of that booklet!

Isabel was further incensed to read how a spirit-being “invaded Charlie,” who knew “nothing about God or morals.” And now Charlie lost his innocence and it was because of years of brainwashing through mass media programming, and the schools? “Augh!!”

“...we need to find / stop whoever is distributing these. #Gay #Hatespeech,” she tweeted.

The next day the Bristol City Council tweeted back. “Hello Izzy, we are really sorry you have had this material through your door. Offensive leaflets and posters are classed as a Hate Crime and we would be grateful if you could report this here.”

Indeed, English law states: “A hate crime is a criminal offence which has been perceived by the victim as having been motivated by some form of prejudice or hate.” So, how the recipient feels is the definition of whether it was hate or not, according to the Avon and Somerset Police.

That is so backward. This tract was given in love, not hate. Hatred would be ignoring the countless unsaved going to hell and the lake of fire. Love is offering God’s way out, through faith in the shed blood of His only begotten Son. It may have been given by a friend, acquaintance, even a stranger —but certainly not someone who hated her.

And it wasn’t targeted at her, either. Other neighbors reported receiving completely different tracts, like The Throw-Away Kid and It’s Who You Know. Somebody loved the people in that affluent Redland neighborhood, and it was perceived as hate. 59-year-old Carol Billinghurst not only labeled hers “highly anti-Semitic,” she added for emphasis, “It was clearly religious too, as there were quotes from the Bible in there. It was just horrendous.”

Never mind that the Bible quoted was the King James Bible, that originated in her own country!

What in the world has happened? Love and care for souls are perceived as “hate”? Taking advantage of children through intimate abuse is classed as “love”?

Jack and I wrote about this in 2008 in our book, Hot Topics. We documented the trends coming in the world, and why Jack wrote The Trial, Lisa, and others. We also wrote Home Alone?. Hot Topics also included documentation and interviews.

Brothers and Sisters, gospel tracts give us an opportunity to plant the seeds of salvation and revival. Whether it’s perceived as love or hate, their souls are at stake. Let’s take a stand for Christ and get it into their hands, any way we can.

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