Pope Proves that RC "Church" is Still Counterfeit

Mother Theresa must have a twitter account because Pope Francis recently tweeted her a prayer. Where in the Bible does God give us permission to pray to anyone other than God? In the case of Mother Teresa, there is the grave question of whether she even entered heaven, given her unbiblical theology exposed by some of her statements.

Pedophilia Now An 'Orientation'

Powerful people are out to 'fundamentally transform America' —and the world. One aspect of that revolution began several decades ago. It has come to be known as the sexual revolution.

Missions Fund Report: November 2020

The COVID lockdown has made things hard on missionaries worldwide, but they are still finding ways to continue the work. See new photos from 3 countries!

Does Reading and Trusting the Codex Sinaiticus Lead to Faith?

In the early 1990s, New Testament 'scholar', Kirsopp Lake, spent more time examining Codex Sinaiticus than pretty much anybody. Did his time with this 'ancient' document lead to faith?

We Need Tracts—Plus Wisdom

A story from a father demonstrates that we must not be completely content to just hand someone the gospel. We must also be prepared to follow up with a more complete discussion of our Biblical worldview.

Getting Older? Pass It On

Let's not forget that there is a new generation of Christians coming right up behind us who want to change the world just like we wanted to. They just need some help and guidance.

University Students Studying How to Overthrow the State

Washington and Lee University in Virginia came under fire after it was discovered that the school was offering to students a course on ‘How to overthrow the state'.

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