A Message from David Daniels

Brothers and Sisters in Christ:

I have had my first interviews from what could be hostile reporters. What an opportunity! The first was from Bristol in the UK, regarding a person who called the police because she was angered when our gospel tract, Home Alone?, arrived in her door slot. I tell about that in this Battle Cry issue.

The second was from Mr. Andrew Whalen of Newsweek magazine, probably triggered by the gospel tract, The Poor Revolutionist, and expanding to other issues from there.

Both were from people who showed no signs of being Christian. What an opportunity! They asked specific questions, and I prayed and gave specific answers. But I didn’t stop there. At every place where I could put the gospel in, I did, including giving links to books or tracts that were pertinent.

Remember: I didn’t seek after them. They came to me! Then, because I believe in being open with our Chick family and the world, I placed both the questions and the answers, word for word, on our Chick Facebook page for all to see for themselves. If a reporter didn’t put what I actually said, it would show up when people compared the raw data to the article.

But the UK article was fair, and the small quotes that were inserted were to the point and my own words. We will see what happens with the Newsweek article. As of this time I have not seen the result.

In addition, I asked fellow Christians to pray for these people. What could be a better opportunity than that?

1) Pray for opportunities! We have no idea when they’ll come. But when they do:

2) Be prepared for opportunities! That’s why I read my Bible and pray daily, and I keep a supply of Chick tracts on me at all times outside the house.

Brothers and Sisters, there are so many opportunities, and God has selected us to be His messengers. Let’s get that message out with a smile on our face. As they used to say, “Run to the roar!”

In Christ Jesus, and for His service,