“Java Jack” Tells How Chick Tracts Changed His Life

In the following letter, “Java Jack” tells us how God used Chick tracts to grab his attention, and later for him to use to witness to all his customers.

A message from David Daniels

Author David Daniels discusses the effectiveness of gospel tracts and his new book, 'Yes You Can (And You Should!) Read The Kings James Bible'.

A message from David Daniels

David Daniels explains there's a reason why the pope is discouraging soul winning -because soul winning is effective!

A message from David Daniels

Our whole world has been overtaken by a physical virus, but let's not forget about the most deadly virus of all, called sin.

A Message From David Daniels

Does God say we are supposed to be panicking? What can we be doing while the rest of the world is?

A Message from David Daniels

I have had my first interviews from what could be hostile reporters. Both were from people who showed no signs of being Christian. What an opportunity!

A message from David W. Daniels

David shares how his life was changed by an individual sharing a Chick tract with him.

It Won’t Be That Hard to Get People to Accept the Mark of the Beast

People say they would not take a mark that prohibits them from buying or selling without it. But people are prohibited in places from entering stores without a mask right now.

November 2018 Message From David W. Daniels

Everything has cycles: politics, news, and the Devil. But Christians are called to follow a different "cycle," that of sowing and reaping