Chick Tracts Changed My Life -- Twice

I couldn't forget that picture from "This Was Your Life." I knew what I needed to do.

Conversation With a Priest

The following conversation took place when a Roman Catholic priest called Chick publications to dispute the claim that Roman Catholics are encouraged to worship the Virgin Mary.

More Evidence of Creation

Evidence that the earth-sun system was designed by God far outweighs any possibility that it all just happened to come together by mere chance.

Chick Mail Bag Sep-2000

A tract I left in a sandwich shop helped bring a suicidal worker to Christ.

Soul Winners Not Welcome in World Religions Organizations

Satan's forces are working on several fronts to unify all the world's false religions and push Bible believers out of the game.

Is the Lord's Prayer in Your Bible?

A century after Christ there was a man named Marcion. He pretended to be a Christian, but his beliefs did not match the Bible.

Prison Ministry Letters: Sep-2000

We led over 300 souls to Jesus with your tracts last year in that prison.

Arab-Israeli Negotiations Fail, but Pope has a 'Solution'

The Camp David negotiations between Israel and the Arabs is over without any progress toward peace.

Homosexual Teachers 8 Times More Likely to Molest Students

Recent study shows that homosexual teachers are 8 to 10 times more likely to sexually involve themselves with pupils than heterosexual teachers.

Missionaries Find Tracts Just Keep on Working

Today, missionaries face special challenges getting into countries hostile to the gospel.

Tract Passing Tips

More ways to use gospel tracts.