The Accursed City

Charles Spurgeon's warning about Roman Catholicism has been forgotten by many. It's time to read it again.

'No Salvation Outside Roman Catholicism' Says New Vatican Dictum

The Roman Catholic Church has released a 36-page declaration that she, alone, has a corner on salvation.

Why You Should Never Give Up

If you don't see the people you witness to getting saved right away, don't give up on them. Keep them in prayer.

Evolution is Religion, not Science says Dr. Hovind

Do evolutionists "know" the earth is billions of years old or do they "believe" that it is?

Chick tracts get read in Mongolia!

Missionary Tommy Tillman using Chick tracts in Mongolia.

Fledgling Church Uses Literature to Spark Growth

Some missionaries go to mission fields in remote areas; others are called to the cities, like Montreal, Canada.

Chick Mail Bag Nov-2000

Her priest told her to STAY AWAY but this tract helped us lead her to Christ.

Prison Ministry Letters: Nov-2000

The chaplain called asking for more tracts, because the ladies were reading.

Tract Passing Tips - November 2000

Carolling, military post, empty bottles

Mayor Discovered "Minister" Would Pray to the Wrong God.

Wicca is the most popular branch of today's "Neo-Pagan" movement that worships "mother earth."

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