Missionaries Find Tracts Just Keep on Working

Today, missionaries face special challenges getting into countries hostile to the gospel. Chick Publications is on a select mailing list for a newsletter from a clandestine missionary on mainline China.

There, any passing out of literature in public is strictly forbidden. Yet, the Chinese Christians are bold in handing out any Chick tracts they can get. One young preacher-in-training was late for church one night. When asked why, he responded, "Oh, I was giving out tracts on the street and forgot the time." He spoke like it was just the normal thing to do.

"You were doing what?" asked the missionary. "Oh, is anything wrong?" he asked. "Uhh, no, never mind," smiled the missionary.

Another local pastor and others are even putting their phone numbers on the back of the tracts. One seventy-year-old mother often hands out tracts on the bus when she travels.

About two years ago she gave a tract to an elderly lady and witnessed to her. She gave the lady her address and phone number so she could call if she had further questions.

After two years, this lady showed up at their house, wanting to know more about Jesus and asking to borrow some books from them. She kept coming back for more and was saved last May.

Chick Publications has been told that illustrated literature was a major tool used by the communists to take over China. Now, the same tool is being used by soul winners but with the message of eternal life instead of deception and bondage.

Missionaries from all over the world have found that gospel literature will extend their reach far beyond just preaching. Many are making major sacrifices to buy it.

If your church supports missionaries, Chick Publications probably has literature in their language. Tracts in over a hundred different languages can be reviewed on the Chick web site.

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