Conversation With a Priest

The following conversation took place when a Roman Catholic priest called Chick Publications to dispute the claim that Roman Catholics are encouraged to worship the Virgin Mary.

Priest: We do not worship her. We are only showing our respect for her as the mother of Jesus.

Chick: But you have made her into a goddess.

Priest: No. Not at all. She is just another human.

Chick: Then she has only a human nature. She cannot do things that God can do because of His divine nature, right?

Priest: Yes.

Chick: She is only human, just like you and me, then?

Priest: Yes.

Chick: Then can you as a human listen to 40 people talking to you all at the same time and keep the conversations sorted out and respond to each one individually?

Priest: Of course not.

Chick: Only God with his divine nature is able to do that, right?

Priest: Yes.

Chick: Then if your Virgin Mary Goddess does not have a divine nature how can she listen and lovingly respond to the millions of Roman Catholics all over the world who talk to her all at the same time?

At this point the phone line clicked and went dead. We can only pray that, in the dark of night, that this precious lost soul will lay awake and ponder this Popish lie. Just maybe, like Charles Chiniquy, he will realize he is part of a pagan religion that perverts the glorious truths of the Bible into a system of religious bondage.

In Chapter 40 of 50 Years in the "Church" of Rome, Chiniquy relates how he preached a sermon on praying to Mary, then found that he had contradicted the Bible. He had presented Rome's lie that Jesus is harsh and judgmental and Mary was loving and caring. If we go to Mary with our needs, she can always persuade Jesus to help us.

Then he discovered that nowhere in the Gospels did Mary request anything of Jesus without getting some form of loving rebuke. Mary had no power of persuasion over Jesus, as the popes taught. Chiniquy realized that Jesus knew ahead of time that a pagan-based religious harlot would rise up and use Mary to take man's trust away from Him. He knew that Mary would be made into a goddess for them to worship instead of Jesus.

Chiniquy discovered that this was only one of the ways Roman Catholicism contradicted the Bible. Eventually he had to choose between his false "church" and the Bible. No sincere Roman Catholic can read Chiniquy's life story and continue to sleep well in their trust in the pope.

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