Public Preaching Coming Under Increasing Resistance

Evangelist Hans Schmidt was at his customary street-preaching post when a gunshot from somewhere in the crowded intersection sent a bullet into his temple, tearing into his brain.

Generation Z—a Lost Generation

When God lifts His favor from a nation, all kinds of bad things happen. And it's our young people who are suffering terribly.

New Bibles Attempt to Dethrone Jesus

Satan keeps chipping away at God’s words. His goal is a watered-down Bible that offers no defense against the coming one-world religion.

Good News —Hope Is On The Way

In the flood of bad news, there is some indication that good people are beginning to wake up to what Satan is doing.

Europeans Call For A Return To Christian Roots

A coalition of religious leaders sent an open letter to European political leaders noting the growing disconnect between the common people and the elite who have been pushing the agenda of unchristian vices such as abortion and same sex marriage.

A Message from David Daniels - May 2024

Brothers and Sisters, God has given us a tool to break through all the devilish programming that is hurting our kids. Do you know what that tool is?

Mission Report May 2024

Mission updates from Mexico, Scotland, Honduras and more!

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