Europeans Call For A Return To Christian Roots

IMAGE: Map of the European Union with cross.

A coalition of religious leaders in Europe has called for a return to its Christian roots. In an open letter to European political leaders, they pointed out that there has been a general departure from the virtues that made Europe.

“We note with regret that values, which were formerly taken for granted, such as peace, stability and prosperity, and the rule of law rather than rule by power, have now been torn apart,” the letter said.

It noted a growing disconnect between the common people and the elite who have been pushing the agenda of unchristian vices such as abortion and same sex marriage. To illustrate the point, the letter mentioned the fact that France recently enshrined the right to abortion in their constitution.

The letter illustrated the struggle for countries that attempt to maintain biblical standards. A number of the countries are suing Hungary for banning the promotion of LGBT ideology to minors. Some of the other countries have taken heat because they are not permitting same-sex marriage.

Also mentioned was the uncontrolled immigration that is bringing large numbers from the Middle East and Africa. Most of those are coming with a heavy Muslim ideology. These are gaining a measure of control of local governments and influencing policies that dampen fair debate, free speech, and the right to Christian worship.

Michael Leahy, a current candidate for the European parliament, said that these are being aided by the “atheistic elites who do not seem to realize that a society without a religious ethic will not survive… The Christianity that they hate so much will only be replaced by Islam. In that circumstance the left-wing elites who have brought this situation about will be the first people to be thrown off the nearest tall building!”

The letter declared that it was “…essential for European factions to take into account Christian values in European politic, especially on critical issues.” The letter was timed in relation to continent-wide E.U. elections that are coming up in early June. It urged both politicians and voters to “promote Christian values in the political programs and pre-election campaigns.”

Leahy observed “…unless Europeans are prepared to rediscover the Christian roots of the continent, then Europe has no future as a separate, coherent culture.” The letter decried the trend toward marginalization of those who were advocating for Christian values.

Leahy added, “European citizens are finally coming to the realization that the struggles that all of our societies seem to be engaged in, the so-called culture wars, consist in the main, of a spiritual war. Without robust spiritual guidance Europe is doomed to face defeat in that war. The same can be said of the United States.”

Some are beginning to realize that the only replacement for a biblically based culture is an all-powerful authoritarian state. Romanian member of parliament, Cristian Terhes said, “…faith in Jesus Christ also generates a sense of community across all nations, which allows us to believe in a Christian community as the foundation of our civilization.”

The many who have been praying for Christian leadership in the culture wars may be encouraged by this report. Some are beginning to recognize that the heart of the problems that we have is spiritual.

Historically, gospel tracts have played a very significant part in stirring the common people to action when Satan appears to be winning the game.

Soul winners, we still have a lot of work to do.

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