A Message From Jack Chick

Billions of Years?

Can billions of years do what is otherwise impossible?

Creation or Evolution? Evidence from Design

If anyone can see it's clearly designed, how can there be no designer?

Evolutionists Getting Beat on Their Own Turf

Many scientists are increasingly convinced that the biology of animals and humans is too complex to have been created by chance, no matter ow many of millions of years may be involved.

Evolution's Grip On Schools May Be Loosening

Recently, school boards in six states have tried to change their science standards to downplay evolution.

Evolution's 'Proofs' Rapidly Vanishing

What do peppered moths, ancient horses and the Piltdown man have in common? They are all pillars of evidence of evolution that have crumbled.

Fossilized Mosquito Drilling Holes in Theory of Evolution

To Bible believers, the answer is obvious. But some scientists choose to just scratch their heads, hoping 'science' will eventually come up with an explanation.

Fossils Prove Pre-Flood Earth Was Ideal Environment

Creation scientists are amassing evidence that life was much different before Noah's flood.

Good News —Hope Is On The Way

In the flood of bad news, there is some indication that good people are beginning to wake up to what Satan is doing.

Half of Born-Again Christians Doubt That Jesus Was Sinless

A sinless Christ is one of the anchor points of the gospel. Redemption from the guilt of sin can only happen by the sacrifice of a sinless One.

Information: Another Embarrassment for Evolutionists

Evolutionists often claim that a monkey pounding on a computer keyboard would probably type meaningful words occasionally if given enough time.

Is Water on Mars a Nail in God's Coffin?

Atheists have claimed for years: "Wherever water is found in its liquid state, life forms. No Creator needed!"

Life from Space?

A recent Portland Oregonian article criticized the Boy Scouts for expelling an atheist assistant scoutmaster and said: "Lambert, who is 19, and has been an atheist since studying evolution in the ninth grade..."

Little Bugs That Evolutionists Would Like to Forget!

Here, excerpted from The Collapse of Evolution by Dr. Scott M. Huse, is one of the many humorous examples in nature that make evolutionists look silly.

New Definition of Science?

"Evolution is science, so the schools must teach it. Creationism and Intelligent Design (ID) are religion, so they must not be taught!"

Pressure Mounting on Schools to Teach Evolution as Theory

When students come to believe that evolution is true, they are ready to believe the bigger lie that the biblical account of creation is just a myth.

Really — How Old IS That Fossil?

Evolutionists speak with great confidence when they toss around dates related to age of earth and fossils.

Science 'Discovers' We All Have Common Ancestors

This is the conclusion of a supercomputer and statistical study reported in Nature magazine, the most prestigious of the scientific journals.

Scientists Prove Why ‘Life is in the Blood’

Quotations from the book 'Darwin’s Universe' by Yan Wee show how developing science keeps showing us that the Bible got it right.

The Pope Denies Genesis by Endorsing Evolution

Calling evolution "more than a hypothesis," Pope John Paul II gave his official support to the idea of evolution while speaking at the Pontifical Academy of Sciences in late October.

Time is Evolutionist's God, Says Author

"The general theory of evolution is based on several faulty assumptions," says Dr. Kent Hovind, author and creator of the Creation Seminar Video Series.

Up in Arms Over -Arm Evolution

If people's arms evolved from ape's arms, why are they shorter and weaker? Isn't evolution supposed to bring "improvement?"

World Renown Scientist's Computer Proves Noah's Flood

A new computer in the supercomputing department of the National Laboratory of the U.S. Department of Energy, Los Alamos, New Mexico is being used by a world renown scientist to present evidence that the earth is less than 10,000 years old, just as the Bible says.