A Message from David Daniels - May 2024

Brothers and Sisters in Christ:

Have you looked closely at the youth of the world? They have been worked-over by the horrible mass-media, politics of education and every globalist scheme in Satan’s playbook. The next generation is a mess.

I was the only child of divorced parents in my elementary school. Today, there are few children who are not living with divorce. They absorb more cultural cues from TikTok than from family or church.

Jack and I warned in 2008 in Hot Topics that the LGBT were after our children. Today, no one can deny it: 28% of them claim to be LGBT or Q. They are drugged, vaxxed, sexualized, fearful and diagnosed as mentally sick. And these are the next generation’s leaders!

Brothers and Sisters, God has given us a tool to break through all of that devilish programming: Chick tracts. Youth love cartoons: Chick tracts are cartoons. Youth love tight storytelling: Chick tracts are. And most important: youth want purpose. Chick tracts show them that there is a purpose to life, to prepare for eternity, and to learn about their loving God who was willing to die for them, to bring them to Him.

People are willing to force evil on our kids, 24/7. We must be willing to offer them the way of life, while we still have time.

In Christ Jesus, and for His service,

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