Anti-LGBTQIA+ Sentiment Has Grown Louder —Are We Waking Up?

A number of large corporations have faced strong backlash from consumers as a result of their pro-LGBT promotions. Consumers are expressing their disapproval with their pocketbooks.

Canada Rapidly Becoming Dangerous For Christians

Our friendly neighbor to the north is becoming a lab case for government-approved destruction of life and promotion of perversion. Evidence shows up in a number of ways: abortion, euthanasia, and legislation promoting homosexuality.

Generation Z—a Lost Generation

When God lifts His favor from a nation, all kinds of bad things happen. And it's our young people who are suffering terribly.

Girl Scouts Can Now Earn a Sodomite Patch

The Girl Scouts are suffering from some of the same problems that ruined the Boy Scouts. And once again, it's the homosexual steamroller that's pushing hard to destroy the innocence of our children.

Good News from All Over - July 2024

Worldwide United Methodists have been bleeding members over their acceptance of same-sex marriage and homosexual clergy. In fact, it has now turned into a hemorrhage. A regional body of nearly 1,000,000 members in West Africa recently voted in one block to exit the denomination.

I Caught Netflix Trying to Groom My Kids

The popular kids show CoComelon, in their new Netflix series, shows a boy dancing for his gay dads in a tutu and tiara.

In Canada, ‘Transformation’ is a Half-Empty Library

Recent US political leaders have declared their intention to 'fundamentally transform' the nation. Our neighbor to the north is fast becoming a test case.

So, How Should We Think About the Pride Assault?

How did we manage to get where families freely take their children downtown to watch parades of sexual perversion?