Prayer Rally Tainted with Ecumenism

Leaders ignore doctrinal differences to demonstrate evangelical/Catholic unity at huge gathering on anniversary of Pentecostal Azusa Street Revival.

Bible Bait-and-Switch

Don't let Modern Bible publishers fool you with their con game.

Persecution Rising Worldwide

America and the Western World is not yet willing to admit that this is a religious war for the minds of millions.

What One Person Can Do

One person's voice, and leaders willing to listen, set this church on a path of soul-winning.

Cities Keep Testing Limits of Freedom of Religion

Government officials attempt to circumvent a very basic U.S. Constitutional right.

Satanists Pressure Schools for Equal Opportunity

Satanic coloring books distributed in Delta Country, Colorado schools in equal opportunity response to Gideon Bible distribution.

Is 'Solidarity' the Same as Witnessing?

Wearing a hijab (Islamic woman`s head covering) is actually a sign of submission to Allah, and creates confusion when done by Christians.

Same-Sex Marriage Didn't End It

The "bathroom wars" are a natural consequence of accepting same-sex marriage. Appeasement always results in demands for "more."

Satan's New Plan to fix your Bible

Recent research uncovers hidden details of the plot to publicly discredit the Bible and create basic doubt of God`s words.

Missions Fund Focus on India

Report on nearly one million Chick tracts provided to outreaches in India through the Chick Mission Fund.

Missions Fund Report


Message From Jack Chick May/June 2016

Soul-winning is OUR responsibility, not our church's.

Chick Mail Bag May/June 2016

Retiree sees hundreds saved in prison.

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