Satan's New Plan to fix your Bible

For 1500 years, Satan failed in his plan to burn all the Bibles and Bible believers. Did he give up or does he have another plan?

God had no sooner begun speaking to mankind, than His enemy was right there with a slimy dose of doubt: "Yea, hath God said?" Four little words, but they worked. Adam and Eve swallowed it and "the rest is history!"

But what about that history? How has Satan capitalized on his first win? Within a few generations, the earth was full of rebellion —the fruit of doubt. God "repented" that He had made man in the first place. All that saved us was Noah`s faith, and a big boat.

Satan continued chipping away at mankind`s trust, diverting it to worship of the creation —sun, moon, golden calves and bank accounts. But his main enemy was the Word, both the written and the person of Jesus Christ. However, his focus on Christ failed. When the devils confronted Jesus, they could only plead for mercy and squirm away.

So Satan turned to the written word. Israel had faithfully copied the books of the Old Testament so he had to find a way to attack them as well as the new writings of the apostles forming the New Testament.

Being the expert at lying, he knew that his best bet was to try to mix falsehood, fantasy and fairy stories with the truth. In the formation of what we now call our Bible, Satan trotted out many candidates like the bogus Shepherd of Hermas and Epistle of Barnabas, the legends of the Maccabees, the spurious wisdom of Esdras and Ecclesiasticus, and many others. When none made the cut, his fury fueled the bloody 1000-year Inquisition, administered by his counterfeit church headquartered in the Vatican.

In spite of Satan`s efforts, God kept His promise to preserve His word. (See Matt. 24:35) Faithful copies had been translated and preserved by a hunted remnant until Gutenberg`s printing presses began to flood Europe, for the first time making the Bible available to the common man. A powerful British king, James I, got behind the preserved words of God and "authorized" the translation and publication of a classic English version, the KJV.

For a couple hundred years, Satan tried, again through the counterfeit church, to produce competing Bibles to take down the KJV. Nothing worked! Thousands of missionaries, dozens of revivals, millions of fired up believers circled the globe with the "good news" in this powerful book. Christ`s promise that the gospel would be preached to all nations (Matt 24:14) came about largely through the KJV and translations of it.

However, in his frustration, Satan was cooking on plan B. Someone suggested that the KJV was getting a bit dated. After much debate, Bible Revision Committees were formed for the task of bringing it up to date. Here, Satan saw his chance. Organizers of the commitees were not careful to staff them only with true believers. Roman Catholics were invited, as well as Unitarians, who deny Christ`s deity.

In the previous decade, "ancient" manuscripts had shown up, claiming to be more accurate to the "originals." Again, the counterfeit church was deeply involved in this maneuver. The plot was to replace the authorized English Bible with a more up-to-date one based on those "better" manuscripts.

For over a hundred years plan B has proceeded with little resistance. The English world is awash in "modern" versions. But recent research has uncovered the hidden details of the plot to publicly discredit the authorized Bible and replace it with a multitude of confusing versions creating basic doubt of God`s words —"Yea, hath God said?" Satan`s first attack of doubt has come full circle.

For the sordid details of Satan`s nefarious plan B, see the YouTube vlogs by David W. Daniels from Chick Publications. See www. for more books and info.

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