700 Club's Cult Definition Fits Catholicism

Almost every major ministry has somewhere laid out a definition of a cult. The 700 Club is no exception.

Catholicism and Islam: Two Similar Gospels

Pope Francis admits Islam and Catholicism have a similar goal: conquest. That`s NOT the gospel.

Does Your Bible Contain Legends?

Beware of the move to insert ancient legends into the Scriptures.

Founders of "Mainline" Churches Knew Who Anti-Christ Was

The following quotes show just how far the churches of today have strayed from the wisdom of their founding fathers.

Pope ‘Sorrowful’ —But Little Changes

Pope Francis says he 'learned with sorrow' about more than 200,000 children that have been abused by French clergy since 1950, but nothing has changed. It's all about optics.

Pope Apologizes —But Nothing Changes

Pope Francis spent a week this summer on a ‘pilgrimage’ to Canada. His purpose: to apologize for the abuse of indigenous children in Catholic boarding schools. But the system that produced these rapes and other abuse remains the same.

Pope Francis: 10 Years of A New Kind of Pope

During his tenure as pope, Francis has pushed his plan for a happy world where everyone loves everyone and mother earth, too. The threat of climate change is his tool to get everyone to agree with his plan.

Satan's New Plan to fix your Bible

Recent research uncovers hidden details of the plot to publicly discredit the Bible and create basic doubt of God`s words.

World is Gushing Over Death of Pope Benedict

Much was made of his dying words, whispered in the twilight hours of his demise. But Jesus said that we were to know them by their fruit, not by their performance.