Authorized Version No More Archaic Than Modern Versions Or Even The Newspapers

"Does the AV Bible (King James Version) contain archaic words? Certainly," says author Laurance Vance in his recent book, "Archaic Words and the Authorized Version."

Castro Welcomes Pope, Harasses Home Churches

Pope John Paul II's visit to Cuba was seen by the world as a giant step for "religious freedom" in this last of the closed communist societies. But for bible-believers it was business as usual.

A Chick Tract Filled the Gap

"Even after 17 years in the prison ministry the Lord continually shows me new ways to use tracts."

Graham Agrees with Rome on Salvation of Unreached

In a May 31, 1997 interview with ecumenical TV evangelist Robert Schuller, Billy Graham affirmed his agreement with the Roman Catholic position on salvation of those who have never heard the gospel.

Irish President Takes Protestant Communion Stirs Rome's Ire

When the newly-elected President of Ireland, Mary McAleese, dared to receive communion at a non-Catholic church recently, she proved again just how central the Eucharist is to the power and identity of Roman Catholicism.

Go Where the Lost Are!

A few words from Gerald Sutek, author of "I Am Not Ashamed: Public Ministry Then and Now."

A Message From Jack Chick March 1998

Jack Chick writes about the passing of his wife to be with Jesus.

Salvation - Muslim Style

The recently closed month of fasting by Muslims called Ramadan provided a glimpse into the grass-roots Islamic view of salvation.

It Pays to Read Chick Tracts to Children

David Wylie found himself about as alone as you can get. He was without a family and his mom was in jail.

Court Upholds Student's Tract Passing Rights

Nicholas Wright, a senior at Niceville High School, was suspended for 5 days for distributing religious tracts at school.

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