It Pays to Read Chick Tracts to Children

David Wylie found himself about as alone as you can get. He was without a family and his mom was in jail.

David's mom left him and his three younger siblings home alone and his younger brother almost burned the house down. David and two of his siblings were then placed in a foster home, the future looked bleak.

David had never heard his natural mother say that she loved him and his drunkard father had abandoned the whole family when he was very young. David felt unloved. "If my mother or father can't even love me and would give me away to strangers, then I must be an extremely unlovable person," he thought continually.

Every Thursday night when his foster dad was not at Bible School he would read the children illustrated gospel comic books. They loved to look at the pictures over his shoulder and waited with anticipation at what the ending would be.

David's favorite booklet was Somebody Loves Me. It was about a little boy who was beaten and left for dead by his alcoholic father. David could relate. He, too, had been beaten by his father. At the end, the little boy dies but not before he realizes that "Somebody loves me." As David listened to the story he thought, "Nobody loves me."

One Thursday night his foster dad read This Was Your Life. It was about a man who decides not to love Christ and follow Him. The man dies and opens his eyes seconds later in this awful place called hell. This got David's attention. "I want to go to heaven but I don't know how to get there," David said to his foster dad. David's foster dad explained to David that Jesus loves him. He loved him so much that he died for him. All that David had to do was believe that Jesus loves him and pray and ask Jesus into his heart.

David prayed on his knees next to his foster parents' bed. Before he went to sleep that night, he whispered, "Somebody loves me," over and over. David who felt unloved by his mom and dad found out he was loved by the Creator of the Universe.

This event changed the course of David Wylie's life. He is now a youth pastor in Georgia who uses Chick tracts to minister to lost teens in his community. David Wylie knows how Chick tracts can effect a young person.

David makes sure that every teenager who visits his youth group gets a copy of a Chick tract. He also encourages the teens to take the tracts home to for their parents to read.

David has also taken teens to street festivals and to the Olympics in Atlanta to pass out Chick tracts.

Don't forget to read Chick tracts to the children that come under your influence. You never know how God might use it to change the direction of their life.

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