Tract Passing Tips - July 2006

Fellow campers, college students

Why Students Cheat

Are educators sending kids a mixed message about cheating?

Vatican and WCC Want to Cure Soul Winners' 'Obsession'

The Vatican and the World Council of Churches are planning a three-year project together to come up with a "common code for religious conversions."

Hate Hotline Another Threat to Free Speech

The Boulder Colorado City Council recently allocated $16,000 for a trial run of a "hate hotline" where citizens can report incidents of "hatred" not punishable as a crime.

A Message From Jack Chick

Islam is not a message of peace. Muslims, just like the rest of us, are lost without Christ.

Chick Mail Bag July-2006

After reading these two tracts, my wife's mother left the Catholic church in 24 hours.

Can a Christian Be a Mason?

Masonic leader Albert Mackey summed it up saying, 'The religion of Masonry is not Christianity.'

Mainline Protestants Adrift Without a Preserved Bible.

According to a recent Associated Press release, the worldwide Anglican church is struggling for "survival."

Prison Ministry Letters: July-2006

Catholic guard ended up reading the whole thing.

PG Rating for Christianity?

A movie rating of PG has been attached to an upcoming movie, apparently solely because it has a "pro-God theme."

Court Nixes ACLUs Ten Commandments Tirade

The ACLU arguments get slapped down hard, when they tried to erase all reference to America's spiritual history and heritage from a public display.

Do Catholics Know They Are Saved?

This testimony was sent to BATTLE CRY after the last issue containing the article Are Some Roman Catholics Saved?

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