Why Students Cheat

By Thomas Heinze

Cheating is rampant. According to a recent article, most students in our schools and universities now cheat. After giving statistics and examples it went on to suggest some factors which may contribute to the trend. Technology and a competitive culture were high on the list. The author completely missed the most important reason. It is something the students are learning right there in the schools.

In the past, our morals have been anchored in our belief that God exists, and cares how we live. Many of our schools have thrown out both the commandments of God, and the God of the commandments. To replace them, they often suggest situation ethics. No right, no wrong, just each one deciding how he would like to conduct himself in a particular situation.

Have you read a science textbook lately? Contrary to basic scientific laws, and without a shred of evidence, schools are teaching kids that the big bang produced hydrogen, the simplest element, which in turn produced ever more complex elements and compounds until some of them got together and made a first living cell from which we evolved. No God, no intelligent design, and no divine oversight is permitted!

If there is no God to let us know that cheating is bad, perhaps it is good. The greater the number of students that decide it's OK, the harder it gets for those who don't cheat to pass a test.

Traditional morality came from our Creator by way of the Bible, where we find the ten commandments and Jesus teaching us to love our neighbors as ourselves. Where do morals come from when people are taught they evolved from fish, which evolved from a single cell which evolved from chemicals? Neither chemicals nor fish pass down their moral standards. Educators close their eyes and pretend that what they are teaching couldn't be the problem. The article suggested that today's cheating may be caused by cell phones and text messaging.

Can't the students just look at the evidence and see that life could not have begun without God? It's not that easy. When a teacher starts presenting evidence that God created the universe, the ACLU warns the school: "Stop that teacher! Even if you win our lawsuit against you, the fight will cost your school district millions of dollars, and thousands of hours. Just tell that teacher to shut up!" Most students have no chance to examine the evidence and make an intelligent decision unless they do it on their own outside of school. If the students could weigh the evidence, atheism could not compete.

Year after year the pressure expended resisting God was building up in science classes until it began to seep out like an unhealthy vapor through the crack under the science room door. It has made its way into the main halls of many schools. Its foul odor is particularly noticeable a month or so after turkey day, when teachers and students are told not to use the word "Christmas." The politically correct term is, "winter holiday" which does not contain the name of Christ. Nevertheless, the glorious name of Jesus Christ has not yet been banned from the schools entirely. If you listen, you'll probably hear it being used as a swear word.

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